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  • frankdanabrewster
    Sep 13 8:24 AM

       I agree completely, George. I'm sure they feel intimidated, not only by the stage, but by the demands of task-master Brady. I hope they are professional enough to not have their confidence shaken by a couple rough outings.


      I'm a little surprised that we did not see Boyce last night. Perhapse they simply didn't want all the kids on the field at once, or maybe he is a little farther behind. Edelman certainly did his best Welker impression.


      I'm hoping to see Gronk, and perhaps Sudfeld, on the field next week. That would be a big boost to the offense. A fully healthy offense, with Gronk, Amendola, Vereen, and improved performance from the rookie receivers, would make for a pretty formidable team.


      As far as the defense - they may have had 4 sacks, but the pressure was still lacking. The sacks were more due to Geno holding the ball too long. Maybe the coverage was that good, but more likely he's just still learning his reads. I also didn't like seeing Vince and Kelly getting pushed around up front. That shouldn't happen. They were running the ball way too easily.



      --- In patriotzip@yahoogroups.com, <patriotzip@yahoogroups.com> wrote:

      I'm as disappointed as anyone that none of the 4 Patriots rookie receivers have delivered on the promise they showed in the preseason in the first 2 games of the regular season. However, I am definitely not giving up on them yet. 

      I watched all 4 of the preseason games, and all of them showed flashes of potential greatness, at one point or another. I can recognize and comprehend that potential; while the impact of the reality of stepping onto an NFL field with a 3-time Super Bowl winning team, led by a future Hall of Fame QB, is something that is impossible for me to fully comprehend. 

      I believe that the absence of Gronk, and, in game 2, Amendola, has increased the pressure of their situation significantly. 

      I believe that they will likely continue to struggle while their performance remains so critical to the team's success on every drive. 

      However, I also believe that the talent is there; and that they will prove it when the veterans return to the field, and allow them to be complementary players, rather than primary targets on so many plays. 

      I'm giving them all a pass for the past 2 weeks; and even for next week against Tampa Bay. I expect improvement in that game, after an extended practice period between games; and I think that they will be ready to step up, and play like professionals, when the Patriots face the Falcons in Week 4. I won't predict a victory in that game; but I will predict that the "Kiddie Korps" will be playing well enough by then to help the Patriots offense look like an NFL contender once again. 

      Let's all remember that "the season begins after Thanksgiving". If they can win at least 6 of their first 9 games, and come back after the bye week with a win against the Panthers, I think they'll be "ready for prime time" in the playoff run. Anything can happen from there. 

      Chin up, Patriots fans. This is nowhere near a lost season yet!

      --- George
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