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20191Cole and Koutevides Returns Are Good News

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  • George Richman
    Mar 20, 2013
      Both of these guys have been effective ST's players for us. They can
      also serve at their respective positions, in a pinch; though neither
      has the talent to be relied on as a starter in those roles. The
      continuity of ST's vets is still a good thing; and we should note that
      WR Donald Jones is also a productive player on ST's. I'm still hoping
      that Edelman will be resigned, as his value on ST's is also
      significant. While I expect Washington to take over as the primary
      KOR and PR guy, Edelman is a solid PR, if needed, and also puts out
      100% on defensive ST's. The Demps situation is unfortunate. I was
      looking forward to seeing what he could do on returns. My guess is
      that the Washington signing means that the team expects that his
      return to track will end that possibility. In any case, I think that
      we can expect to see a significant upgrade to field position as a
      result of the improved return game. It was a consistent frustration
      for me last season, as I frequently mentioned in post game comments.

      Also happy to see that the team is addressing the need at ORT by
      showing interest in Eric Winston. It appears that the Dolphins may get
      to him first, unfortunately; but having the Patriots' nose in there is
      a good sign. Of course, Andre Smith would be a better grab; but I
      think it's unlikely that the Pats can get him. He's the #1 target at
      OT now that Long has signed with the Rams.

      I'm on daily alert for those 3 positions I see as our remaining
      priorities in the FA market: WR (Cruz or Massaquoi); CB (Gamble or
      Jammer) and OT (A. Smith or Winston). Go get 'em, Pats!

      -- George