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20128Off Season moves

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  • Mark Morse
    Jan 29, 2013
      I am getting over the playoff loss by immersing myself in the draft evaluation and free agent posturing.  Here is what I think the Pats will do over the next three moths.
      Unrestricted Free Agents
      Will Allen, DB
      Kyle Arrington, CB
      Josh Barrett, S
      Deion Branch, WR
      Patrick Chung, S
      Marquice Cole, CB/ST
      Julian Edelman, WR/KR
      Niko Koutouvides, LB
      Derrick Martin, DB/ST
      Jamey Richard, C/G
      Trevor Scott, DE
      Donte' Stallworth, WR
      Aqib Talib, CB
      Donald Thomas, G
      Sebastian Vollmer, RT
      Wes Welker, WR
      Tracy White, LB/ST
      Danny Woodhead, RB
      Restricted Free Agents
      Keep - Arrington, Cole, Edelman, Martin, Talib, Thomas, Woodhead
      Vollmer and Welker are too expensive.  Decision to keep Talib rather than re-sign Welker is the right move.  Its easier to replace Welker that it is to try and find another big LCB that you can put on an island.  When Talib went out, the game changed.  Welker’s big drops in key games doesn’t help his cause of getting the big contract from Patriots.
      Tender round two level for both RFA's should be enough to get both players back.
      Signing of Armond Armstead DL USC (Toronto CFL) is a brilliant move.  Pats signed him to a three year deal.  His coach in Toronto described Armstead as the equivalent of a 1st round pick.  Lets hope so.  Also like the signings of Kafka QB Northwestern and the most recent Jason Vega DL/LB Northeastern (Toronto CFL).  Vega had 41 sacks in his career at Northeastern (program has been disbanded). 
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