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1975Re: Your instructions for rooting this weekend

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  • philw1776@aol.com
    Nov 30, 2002
      In a message dated 11/30/02 8:02:19 PM Eastern Standard Time, packy001@... writes:


      I'm becoming a Philnatic ... we are thinking alike.
      Take no prisoners ... run the table!  We control our
      fate.  I want as high a pick as possible out of
      Buffalo ... A top DT or OT would look good! AS far as
      Oak in the razor that would look nice but highly
      unlikely ... I think the Jets are in for a midair
      collision with earth.

      --- PhilW1776@... wrote:
      > First it depends on your outlook.  If you like
      > backing into the playoffs
      > doggy
      > style, just being grateful to be there, you'll have
      > a different outlook.  Me,
      > I'd prefer to enter the playoffs with good prospects
      > for winning.  

      Yah.  But who can blame Zip for liking to take the playoffs "doggy style", eh?

      -philw (needs no further disclaimers from his Randyness)
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