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19555Re: Pats snatch Ballard

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  • Scott Sheaffer
    Jun 16, 2012
      I think it's a good move. Even though the offense put up good overall numbers, two of the things that hurt it were not having a legit third tight end or fullback through much of the season. They carried Dan Gronkowski a few times and Polite who simply didn't look to have his old Dolphins' form. 

      Ballard was seriously injured not once, but twice last year. Before the first injury he was having a terrific season. Ballard wasn't the same when he came back, but the Giants needed him. Then he got hurt again in the Super Bowl. His contract is up after this year, but maybe the Pats could resign him at a bargain  and get themselves an excellent 3rd TE, capable of stepping in as a starter if needed. Ballard certainly provides more of a receiving threat than Nate Solder (who is need at tackle this season) or Marcus Cannon (a second year OL with lots of potential). I like that the Patriots have brought in a few real fullbacks this year (guys who can read holes like a running back and serve as a human GPS for the halfback and who provide a triple offensive threat -blocking, rushing, and receiving) and that they brought in Daniel Fells and other TE's. Ballard could provide a boost next year or maybe even late this season. At the least, he could give the Pats a bargaining chip when it comes time to negotiate a new contract with Aaron Hernandez.
      Scott Sheaffer

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