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18487Pre-Season Tailgate Info

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  • Mark Morse
    Aug 31 11:58 AM
    Sorry for the last minute notification and duplicate e-mails.  Just wanted to let everyone know that I will be attending and if anyone wanted to join David Levine and myself, you are more than welcome.
    Caravan to Parking  — Rt 95 S (Bear right at split with 93N) toward Providence.  Take exit 9 (Route 1 south ). Immediately move to the right lane and look for the 1st restaurant on your right (Mick Morgan’s)  DO NOT PARK THERE.  Pull up to the light and take a right onto Old Post Road.  Turn into the parking lot for Brookline Movers.  For the Pre-season Game, that lot had Moving Trucks parked in the lined spaces.  If that is the case, use the lot before Brookline Movers.  Back into angled parking spaces for ease of egress when we are leaving the lot.  Caravan of cars will leave at  3:30  
    Meeting at the Tailgate – Continue on Rt 1 S as you approach the stadium.  Take entrance P10 (see Patriots.com Parking map) and park in Lot 51 as directed by the attendants.  After parking, proceed up the aisle toward the stadium until you reach a row of cars parked against the fence, parallel with Rt 1.  Walk along that row and look for the Tailgate.  We will have one or more canopies together, and a flagpole with both an American and Patriot flags.  Call me if you are lost and need direction Cell 978-866-3580
    Mark Morse
    Razor's Edge Tailgate Patriots Fangroup