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18335RE: [patriotzip] Re: Draft ends pre-draft speculation

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  • George Richman
    May 6, 2011

      J Just struck me that 2K-199 would be a great license plate for TB!


      Good one, Harry!



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      If Mallett has or can develop the pocket awareness 2K-#199 has he might just be successful but a pocket passer can be pressured and put out of his game as we have been seeing more and more as TB's career progresses.

      BB said Mallett loves to talk football and watch film. High praise from BB.


      At 09:56 AM 5/6/2011 -0700, you wrote:


      Search the internet and find the combine picture of the 2000 #199 selection.  His 40 time was about the same as Mallett's. 
      Mark Morse
      Razor's Edge Tailgate Patriots Fangroup

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      I'm not sure what all this media speculation is about Mallett taking the
      reins from Brady in a few years. If the coaching reports are accurate the
      guy can't run. He can throw and has lots of tools but he cannot run and
      that cannot be coached. After Drew Bledsoe I sure don't want another
      monster arm but immobile QB starting for the team. BB should (and likely
      does) know better as he is one who had a lot to do with making them obsolete.

      Brian Hoyer on the other hand scrambles well, has good size, good accuracy,
      works hard, has two (three?) years in on the Pats system and has played
      well for the Pats when he has had a chance most noticeably the come-back
      pre-season victory over the Giants year before last.


      At 05:32 AM 5/6/2011 -0400, you wrote:
      >Hoyer is the back-up and a late pick up named Robinson I believe. Hard
      >to say, the pick surprised me but then I couldn't believe we took a QB
      >at 199 in 2000!
      >Go Pats!


      "All generalizations, including this one, are false." - Mark Twain



      "All generalizations, including this one, are false." - Mark Twain

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