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17969Re: [patriotzip] How Would D. Williams Look In a Patriots' Uniform?

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  • Ed Bryant
    Dec 1, 2010
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      When Williams, Addai, and Maroney came into the NFL, I wanted to avoid Williams because of the punishment he took in college. 
      Five years later, I am still against using a high pick on an Adrian Peterson or a Gale Sayers when the chance of a career ending injury is so much higher for an RB than for, say, Jackie Slater, who can be  plugged in at left tackle and stay there twenty years so long as he's careful against SF or Denver or any other cut-blocking team.
      So, no, I'm not in favor of trading for Williams. 

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      Subject: [patriotzip] How Would D. Williams Look In a Patriots' Uniform?
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      He’s going to be a FA at the end of this season. Would you offer the Panthers one of our R1 picks, and, perhaps, a R3 for him? I surely would. (And I’d give more, if necessary.)


      I know that I said that my personal top priority for R1 is the best OLT in the Draft Pool. While I still feel that way as an overall viewpoint; there’s no way I’d pass up on a young superstar RB like Williams! Drafting a “prospect” RB is a hell of lot different than trading for one who’s already proven his ability in the NFL! What would it do to Brady’s options, and time in the pocket with a run threat like that to demand the attention of the opposing D on every play?


      Of course, the hurdle we’d have to leap to make that happen would be Williams’ contract demands. And, realistically, that may be beyond reach for our team. But it sure is the stuff dreams are made of! J






      Patriots - A new decade - A new dynasty!

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