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17331Re: Mike Silver article on alleged Brady unhappiness

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  • Levine, David
    Jun 3, 2010
      I think former Herald columnist Michael Gee has the
      right take on all this...


           My guess is, Silver heard baffled grumbling from the Pats about
           the lack of contact with Brady's agents, and much less baffled,
           not to mention less sincere, grumbling from Brady on the
           subject. A hint of unhappiness is all it takes for Brady to
           gently remind the Pats who has the nut hand in this particular
           round of deals. God, my old pal Mike Felger will be at
           ShriekCon-Five for a week about this tale.

           Among his other talents, Tom's always had a nifty touch with a
           ball fake.

      Complete the following sentence: I read the article and couldn't help but think it was written by someone who is:
      A) Uniformed
      B) Schizophrenic
      C) Channeling Fleger
      D) All of the above

      The answer is D. He is uninformed because he doesn't seem to understand the relationship that Kraft has with Brady and the mutual respect Brady has with Kraft and BB.
      He is schizophrenic because he contradicts himself 3 times in the article. He says Brady has stayed apart from the Pats because he is upset then mentions that he has been doing this since 2007 when his first child was born. Now he has a 2nd and wants to spend time with the kid. He then quotes Kraft as saying he thinks Brady will be a Pat for many years to come. He then compares a Indy quote about Manning staying for a long time with Kraft wishing Brady was at all the OTAs. He then mentions that Brady is upset because he made less than Moss last year and then finishes the sentence with the fact that he made more than $30M in his first 2 years. He is channeling Felger with the Pats are cheap argument. He then mentions that we signed Wilfork to a $40M deal but that's not good enough because we aren't spending the money. We are working on signing Mankins and need to resign Brady but we should also spend a ton of money on free agents.

      Tom will sign with the Pats. Kraft is going to make a fair offer that Tom will accept. There is no way they part ways at this point in his career. I don't care about a west coast house. Brady will be a Pat for the foreseeable future and most probably, for the remainder of his career. We have all year to get a deal done. There is no animosity between the 2 sides. Brady has never hinted there was a contract issue. Kraft came out and said we will sign him. Who do you believe. A beat NFL writer who doesn't know New England sports or the guy with the big checkbook?

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