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17170Re: [patriotzip] Re: Do you break the bank for a player who plays half the snaps?

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  • RandyZ. Pierce
    Feb 1, 2010
      The topic question is misleading to me in that "Break the bank" is a rather vague term. If we want to run a successful
      3-4 defense we need a quality nose tackle like Wildork at the center of that defense. There is, however, a ratio at
      which point it becomes inappropriate to sign him. Hopefully we can find the middle ground somewhere in there though
      that's not clear.

      If we use the franchise tag then we have the right to match the offer or let him go but would be compensated draft
      picks for his departure.

      If we name him the Transition tag then that would not be the case. We have one franchise and two transition tags by
      the definition of the final year of this Collective Bargaining Agreement. It's a final year that has several
      untypical aspects built into it as the result of owners not picking up the extension option last year but opting for
      this situation.

      They have until March to reach a new agreement, unlikely, and afterwards those CBA rules will be in place for the
      entirety of this 2010 season. The real challenge then would become to strike a deal to have in place for the 2011
      season. A lockout/strike seems likely in 2011 if they do not reach that milestone.

      The issue is complex and it's frustrating that we don't have the rules yet for free agency as of this March...we have
      the potential rules and probably have to plan on those being the rules but then the following year there are no rules
      in place so any longer term deal as Wilfork rightly desires is a very challenging situation in regards to planning.

      I'm nearly as frustrated and disappointed as I was in the 80s when strikes impacted this sport so awfully.

      Go Pats!
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