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17169Re: Do you break the bank for a player who plays half the snaps?

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  • the Shmoo
    Feb 1, 2010
      I don't fully understand the CBA in it's current form, particularly the Transition tag. IS it true that if a player is tagged transition, he could still be lured away by another team, and the Patriots would have no recourse unless they make a better offer? It's possible that somebody might offer a boatload of cash to Vince W.
      And, do you think we should go after Julius Peppers? Or is he too expensive, since the cap is still in place? We could still draft a pass rusher with our first round selection.

      --- In patriotzip@yahoogroups.com, Rich Carreiro <rlcarr@...> wrote:
      > machado.nicholas@... ("Machado.Nicholas") writes:
      > > Wilfork often says he doesn't want to have the franchise tag put on him.
      > >
      > > If there is no CBA isn't the franchise option out the window along with the
      > > salary cap?
      > CBA doesn't expire until 2011. CBA is in full effect for 2010.
      > The lack of a cap in 2010, being able to use both the franchise
      > and transition tags, the restrictions on the final 8 teams, etc.
      > is all in the CBA.
      > --
      > Rich Carreiro rlcarr@...
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