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  • kmacalp@aol.com
    Jan 5, 2010
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      Mike B, I think we get it. You hate Belichick and he's never right. It's been pointed out that even the Colts had their starters play early in their game, and Welker would have been in even if we'd copied the Colts exactly. They put their guys in early, and then pull them. So even with the Colts brilliant coaching staff running things for the Pats rather than that foolish Belichick fellow, Welker still would have gotten hurt!
      Plus, Indy's approach of resting their players for most of the final two weeks has been disasterous for them in the past. In 05, they also went 14-2 just like this year. They had the best record in the NFL just like this year. They rested guys for most of the final few weeks, got a bye, and then lost their first playoff game to a team they'd breezed past earlier in the year. Indy has a lot of playoff performances like that all coming after they'd followed your strategy of resting their starters.
      Both approaches have risks. Rest the guys and they get rusty and you lose as the Colts have repeatedly shown. Play them and someone important might get hurt, in which case you lose.
      It's not bad coaching, it's just a situation whether neither option is good, and you have to pick one or the other.
      Scott Sheaffer
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