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16888Re: [patriotzip] Re: Welker Injured

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  • RandyZ. Pierce
    Jan 4, 2010
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      The choice in how and when to play Brady certainly seems strange to me as well. If it was purely more time with
      Eddleman and others than why was he removed in the second when Wes was already injured and that time would have been
      valuable too? Maybe they re-evaluated at half time but hard to say.

      If they were just protecting Brady from unnecessary hits with the late pull than why the three passes on the drive
      before that when we had a lead. We really did do some head scratching things in this game though I don't think the
      fact Welker was playing was a coaching blunder. I am, however, with Mark in being frustrated that if we play our
      starters I want to get better results and it seemed we didn't set them up for the better results that get you to the
      playoffs peaking. If you aren't going to set them up for those best results than I start to wonder why we play them so

      Go Pats!
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