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  • George
    Dec 31, 2009
      I confess that I would very much enjoy giving Polian an "in your face" response to his "pride" over taking the Patriots' records by taking away the Lombardi Trophy. Perhaps that's not a very altruistic motivation for wanting to win the Super Bowl; but it works for me, just as the desire to rub the noses of most of the nation in their "video-gate" crap in 2007 was an extra motivation for me. (Damn that "helmet catch"!)



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      To me what made Polian the most disingenuous was the fact he chose to hang a banner which says: AFC Runner Up in their
      stadium. If you can celebrate second place as 'historically significant' enough for a banner than I'd imagine
      undefeated trumps that aspect. Now the fact they think it would interfere with their goal of winning the Superbowl is
      interesting to me. I could accept that he felt his team wasn't tough enough to manage that physically or mentally and
      so opted to preserve them. It's weak and has a high risk of the backfire potential but that part I could understand.
      To me saying he wanted the all time win streak over the Pats and the decade win streak over the Pats seems a little
      more trite than the rest of his suggestions imply.

      Ultimately I respect their accomplishments tremendously as I respected our owning those up until this season. I hope
      to raise a Lombardi in response to their accomplishments and feel good about our own achievements in this long and
      interesting season.

      Go Pats!
      The most historically significant accomplishment is winning the crown and that's the goal (and should be) each year

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