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15397Re: [patriotzip] What's Not To Like?

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  • Steve Basile
    Aug 14, 2009
      Re: [patriotzip] What's Not To Like? With a few weeks to work on timing, Brady’s long sideline pick and Moss’s long sideline drop/PI call are both long completions I think.  Especially if some guy named Baker is splitting the coverage and giving them fits, and Mr. Welker, his apparent mentor, is in the mix.

      I liked the passing game, and share the concerns expressed about Maroney.  I’m not convinced he’s back after his injury, but let’s wait and see.

      “Law Firm” needs to step up big and prove last year was no fluke.

      Steve Basile
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      But it’s just one preseason game.  Maroney looked healthy and did hit the holes.  I wouldn’t call him done over this one game.  It wasn’t a great performance but it wasn’t bad either.

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      The running attack looked better in the 2nd half, with Morris and Bee Gee running the ball. But, to be fair to Maroney, that's not apples to apples; since they were running against the Eagles second unit. Still, as I said earlier, I saw nothing new and exciting from the way Maroney approached the LOS. It wouldn't bother me a bit if they traded him for that R5 pick we need, and went with Taylor, Morris, Faulk, and Bee Gee. And I mean that.



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