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15395RE: [patriotzip] What's Not To Like?

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  • Don Diamant
    Aug 14, 2009
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      But it’s just one preseason game.  Maroney looked healthy and did hit the holes.  I wouldn’t call him done over this one game.  It wasn’t a great performance but it wasn’t bad either.




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      The running attack looked better in the 2nd half, with Morris and Bee Gee running the ball. But, to be fair to Maroney, that's not apples to apples; since they were running against the Eagles second unit. Still, as I said earlier, I saw nothing new and exciting from the way Maroney approached the LOS. It wouldn't bother me a bit if they traded him for that R5 pick we need, and went with Taylor, Morris, Faulk, and Bee Gee. And I mean that.




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