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13245RE: [patriotzip] Re: Pats Undrafted Free Agents

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  • George
    May 2, 2008
      ***** Yeah, yeah, I know it's a huge jump from NCAA to NFL, Randy. I was basing my comments upon the intensity displayed by Guyton on that particular play that Scott linked us to. That was one hell of a hit! As you said, he was selected by our well proven brain trust; so I suspect that they had seen more such hits and intensity from Guyton on other plays. In any case, since he's a LB, and I have an acknowledged man crush on all LBs, he's my guy from among all the UDFAs this season.
      ***** Vrabel did play some as a scrimmage LB for the Steelers. But he was primarily a STs guy, and backup LB. I remember thinking and, I believe, writing that he would be a great addition to our STs when we signed him. I did not expect him to deliver the outstanding play he has given us on the scrimmage defense. I place him in the top 5 of the FA acquisitions that BB and Pioli have made. I'd have to think a while as to the order, but the others in my top 5 FAs would be: Rodney Harrison, Adalius Thomas, Bobby Hamilton, and Corey Dillon. Of course, this list could be fairly quickly and easily expanded to a top ten; and, since it just came off the top of my head, is also subject to revision when somebody reminds me of an egregious oversight on my part. :-)

      An imperfect fan of the imperfect Patriots!

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