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13240RE: [patriotzip] Re: Pats Undrafted Free Agents

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  • George
    May 1, 2008
      ***** CRUNCH! Number 4 got ... 'JACKED UP!" by Guyton. Now THAT is STs play! Yeah, I think this kid has a solid shot to make the team this year, if he brings that kind of intensity to STs.
      ***** Of course, I only want players to make it if they have outstanding ability. That said, how great would it be for the future of this team if Mayo, Crable, Ruud, and Guyton are all good enough to make the team? Set for years at LB, if they're good enough to make that happen.

      An imperfect fan of the imperfect Patriots!


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      <George> With my usual caveat (I have not seen him
      play), the information I read about this kid indicates to me that he could
      be a great candidate for STs on coverage teams. Speed, and leaping ability
      would indicate that he get downfield in a hurry. If he's a good open field
      tackler, he may be the guy to replace Izzo, either now, or after a year on
      the PS.
      <Scott> Actually there's a great highlight of Guyton playing special teams on youtube. This isn't on the coverage team though, it's on the return team, and no, he's not returning the ball. Check out the block Guyton, number 58, delivers near the 40 just as a tackler was closing on the return man, number 4.
      Scott Sheaffer

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