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10566Re: [SPAM] [patriotzip] 1st half - good news, bad news...

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  • Frank
    Sep 9, 2007
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      That must have been the case, but as you said, they didn't bother
      explaining it. Andrews appeared to be coming across the field from the
      left, far from the sideline. He must have stepped out early.

      Much better 2nd half. I guess Moss answered a few questions. I love
      how Brady was hitting him right in stride, every time. And what a pair
      of hands on that guy. If this keeps up, he'll certainly stay happy.

      I think the secondary has to tighten up a bit. Seemed like there were
      a lot of open receivers. They were tough against the run, though.

      SD will be a real test.


      --- In patriotzip@yahoogroups.com, "George" <patswingr@...> wrote:
      > ***** Announcers didn't explain it, Frank; but I'd have to say it
      must have
      > been a case of Andrews going out of bounds, and coming back in. Player
      > cannot be the first to touch the ball when he does that.
      > George
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      > Sent: Monday, September 10, 2007 1:34 AM
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      > Subject: [SPAM] [patriotzip] 1st half - good news, bad news...
      > The good news is, Tom Brady has all the time in the world to throw.
      > The bad news is, why does he need it? He's back there for 5 or 6
      > seconds, and ends up dumping it to Morris or Welker underneath way too
      > often. Seems like no one is getting open. Opie seems to be finding
      > open receivers on a regular basis. Fortunately, he hasn't had nearly
      > the time to throw as TB. Good pressure.
      > Also, can someone explain the "illegal touching" penalty on Andrews (I
      > think) on that punt in the 1st qtr? Looked like he simply batted the
      > ball back, as he's supposed to, and a Jet player picked it up and was
      > tackled. What did I miss?
      > fdb
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