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10400RE: Asante dealt a blow by the signing of Probowler Nathan Vasher

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  • George
    Jun 27, 2007
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      ***** I will refrain from comment on the specifics of the money involved. I
      truly don't care about that aspect of the game anymore. It is, as the
      players and their leeches like to say, "just busines". I strongly prefer
      football to business. ;-)

      ***** I just want to see the Patriots bring closure to this situation soon,
      and get everybody's focus on getting all of the players who have a shot at
      making our final roster for this season into training camp. If that group
      includes Asante, fine with me. If it doesn't, let's say 'Goodbye', and move
      on with a secondary of Hobbs and Meriweather at CB; Harrison and Wilson at
      S; and Scott, James, Hawkins, Sanders, Gay, and the kids fighting it out for
      the nickel, dime, and backup spots.

      Dogs have masters ... Cats have staff!

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      Subject: Asante dealt a blow by the signing of Probowler Nathan Vasher

      More here:

      A reality check for Asante, his agent says the two aren't the same and he
      is right. Vasher has made it to the Probowl, otherwise they are similar in
      numbers this last season.


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