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10328Re: Might not have to cut Marquise Hill

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  • RandyZ. Pierce
    May 28, 2007
      Whoa - thanks for the post Rich. To briefly explain,
      Marquis Hill has gone missing after a Jet ski incident
      in which the woman he was with was recoverred holding
      onto a pylon. Strong currents had separated them and
      he's just missing at this point.

      He has been a gross under-achiever. Rumors are he
      had an aggression issue in College which tapped well
      into the football world but when medicated to control
      anger and aggression issues he lost the spark that was
      essential in making his play strong.

      I sure hope they are able to find him with, as Rich
      suggests, a Happy finish to the tale.

      Go Pats!

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      But seriously, I hope this has a happy ending.

      Rich Carreiro

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