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February's meeting

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  • Morgaine StormDancer
    Merry Meet all, A big thank you to everyone who came to discuss Pagan Prayer Beads last Saturday! We had nice size group, including a couple new faces! It
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 3, 2009
      Merry Meet all,
      A big thank you to everyone who came to discuss "Pagan Prayer Beads" last Saturday!  We had nice size group, including a couple new faces!  It was really fun and pretty industrious meeting!  Everyone's prayer beads turned out beautiful.  I am thrilled with mine... even though I haven't sat down and used them to meditate with yet, I can't stop carrying them around.  ;)
      Book discussion was sorta minimal since we were all focused on creating, so I thought I'd share some thoughts about the book.  The book covers all aspects of making your own prayer beads, from coming up with ideas, choosing beads and materials (shopping), tools, step by step process of creating, and some examples of prayers.  There are anecdotes in there, and black and white pictures, as well as multiple pagan oriented designs.  Although I have been interested in rosaries/meditation beads, I know I never would have bought a generic book on the subject, which makes the pagan focus pretty invaluable.  It's beginner friendly, although as a REAL beginner, I found myself with some unanswered questions at times, especially when it came to choosing materials and assembling them.  Bigger, color pictures would have been nice, and some illustrations and reference charts wouldn't have hurt either.  The book also lists some meanings of symbols and properties of gemstones.  While a definitive list probably wouldn't have been possible or appropriate, the lists are so short that they may as well have been excluded from the book. 
      I recommend it if you are new to making prayer beads, or are looking for ideas/inspiration.  There are a couple unique ideas in the book that appealed to me, including making a rosary for a specific spell or as a memorial for someone who's passed away.  It is easy to get a sense of it as one of those tools that is only limited by your imagination.
      Just a reminder -- March's book is Gilgamesh (translation by Stephen Mitchell).  Borders did have some extra copies if you still need one.
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