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Partition Manager Update (2.40)

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  • ranish@intercom.com
    Hello, Sorry, if you get this message twice, there is some overlapping in the newsgroup subscription. 1. There is a new version of Partition Manager 2.40
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 12 7:34 PM
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      Sorry, if you get this message twice, there is some overlapping
      in the newsgroup subscription.

      1. There is a "new" version of Partition Manager 2.40 available at
      my site: http://www.users.intercom.com/~ranish/part -> part.zip
      It is identical to the version 2.38 latest beta, which has proven
      to be very stable by having no bug reports nor any other problems
      for almost a year (since nobody has reported ANY bugs concerning
      part.exe functionality other than missing features, I assume that
      there aren't any bugs nor problems).

      Version 2.40 is not even a recompile, I just went into the binary
      and edited version string.

      2. There is a new beta version called 2.41. It has same functionality
      for the GUI part as 2.40, but I have included the command line
      interface similar to the gdisk from Symantec, so you might want to
      check that one out:

      http://www.users.intercom.com/~ranish/part -> partbeta.zip (2.41)

      Version 2.41 includes version of executable which simulate
      partitioning process on files rather than actual disks.

      3. Regarding the mailing lists: as you know eGroups have been changed
      to Yahoo Groups. The new mailing list addresses are:


      Post message: partman-announcements@yahoogroups.com
      Subscribe: partman-announcements-subscribe@yahoogroups.com
      Unsubscribe: partman-announcements-unsubscribe@yahoogroups.com


      Post message: partman-discussion@yahoogroups.com
      Subscribe: partman-discussion-subscribe@yahoogroups.com
      Unsubscribe: partman-discussion-unsubscribe@yahoogroups.com

      Please, subscribe to [partman-announcements] to recieve once a year
      messages like this one, and to [partman-discussion] for every day
      e-mail traffic.

      Once this message is posted I will delete old partman@...

      Also, about bugs:

      Jibben Nee wrote:
      > I'm not sure but I feel that there may be one small bug with
      > various machines. I recall seeing this on the message board
      > before....but on my ex-friend's comp. and my old motherboard,
      > whenever I use the text boot loader or go into partman from
      > the boot loader, we get a red dialogue with a General Protection
      > Fault and the machine locks.

      If you have seen this before March, 2000 version then it could be
      A20 memory line proble, which I have fixed back in March. If there
      were any other issues after that, I must have missed the posting.
      Then, please, let me know and I will remove word "stable" from the
      partman home page and will try to fix it.

      > I'm just curious as to what has been done by others with the source
      > code. Haven't seen any variations of partman.

      To answer your question, about the code. I am trying to get back
      to the Partition Manager code after almost six month and it looks
      scarry to me. However, if anyone would like to get a copy e-mail
      me and I will send itto you, but I must warn you it is a complete

      Thank you for the patience,
      Mikhail Ranish
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