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Gostaria de adicioná-lo à minha rede profissional no LinkedIn.

Olá, Gostaria que você fizesse parte da minha rede do LinkedIn para compartilhar atualizações e manter contato. - guto Aceitar:
guto .
Sep 5, 2014

Hail, Mikhail Ranish ! and, what does [F7] do actually ?

Hail you all good people and special salute and respects to Mikhail Ranish ! Seeing this group is not dead (quite) is /good/. As an old faithful user of RPM
Bertho G
Oct 1, 2011

Re: win7 and part244

... Would be few! Win7 is in the same state (well, almost) as were Win4 back in 1996, i.e. there is no support for NTFS volumes in RPM and this is slightly
Antoine Leca
Jan 5, 2011


As soon as I posted my last message, I saw signs of recent activity on the site partman@yahoogroups. My lack of experience in this sort of group shows. I
Jan 4, 2011

win7 and part244

Hello to all my fellow partman users! I will be surprised if this message generates any responses, as I notice no new posts for about a year. I have been a
Jan 4, 2011

Re: exFat support

... I cannot answer for them, but it does not appear very easy to do: there are several things which are specific to exFAT (like bitmaps), there is a limit at
Antoine Leca
Dec 27, 2010

exFat support

Hi, Does anyone know if Muthu/Ranish has any plans for supporting exfat? Also, if partition is ext4, showing it as ext2 in RPM is OK? Thanks
Dec 25, 2010

Re: A message from Mikhail

thanks Mikhail ... [Non-text portions of this message have been removed]
bruce kocher
Dec 10, 2010

A message from Mikhail

Hello group, I am not very much into politics and it is not in my principles to mix my personal life of views with professional life, except in the special
Dec 10, 2010

Re: (1)RPM formatting capability...(2)OS installations above 137GB

mdmill9999 wrote on Sunday, December 27, 2009 2:53 PM ... Hmmm. Keeping a BIOS at release A01 is NOT customary at Dell ;-) Now you know it, and I am sorry it
Antoine Leca
Dec 28, 2009

Re: (1)RPM formatting capability...(2)OS installations above 137GB

I finally discovered that my Dell 8250 bios a01 had a flaw when writing to large (UDMA) drives above 137GB! A bios flash upgrade to bios a04 solved the
Dec 28, 2009

Re: (1)RPM formatting capability...(2)OS installations above 137GB

I'm fairly certain my bios has 48bit LBA , but I will double check. I will do more testing before I create a final system. It seems that when I wiped out my
Dec 1, 2009
Dec 1, 2009

Re: (1)RPM formatting capability...(2)OS installations above 137GB

... I am responding to the second question because you need to STOP before proceeding or lose data! If you are having trouble with hard drive locations above
Dec 1, 2009

Re: XP reboot overwrites/alters (pm v2.43) boot manager partion tabl

... OK, that makes sense. I used to do something similar although not as many as 9 OS/duplicates. It became hard work so I sought a different solution which
Dec 1, 2009
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