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89Re: ExtUtils::ParseXS running under 'use strict'

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  • James E Keenan
    May 10, 2010
      On May 10, 2010, at 10:54 AM, Nicholas Clark wrote:

      > Is there an easy way to get github generate a diff of that from the
      > initial
      > version, so that it's possible to see the nature of your changes?

      Attached. This is one of the first big diffs I've generated with
      git, so if it's not in the proper format, please let me know. It was
      generated with this command:

      git diff --ignore-all-space
      dd186e885c50e434987831663a546429f2d97e0c use-strict >

      The starting point should be very close to what David Golden's v2.2203.

      > Asking to review a tree in isolation is hard, even if one is
      > intimately
      > familiar with the code prior to work starting (which I'm certainly
      > not)

      True. However, the amount of cleanup that I had to do to get to 'use
      strict' means that the diff may obscure as much as it reveals.

      > The real test of this is going to be "does it still work?", where
      > that's only
      > going to be determined by "does it still build all the XS modules
      > that it
      > used to?"

      Agreed. If you read my posts at the parsexs group, you'll see what
      we did with respect to building a harness with which we can test
      hundreds of CPAN modules at a time. I should note that the version
      of ExtUtils::MMUnix that is included in the diff is there so that the
      test harness could be run. I wasn't really focusing on patching EU::MM.

      Jim Keenan
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