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WHAT! you say these prophecies have fail

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    Are you really saying that (none) of these prophecies have come to pass??? Let me list them again. Issued July, 1995: Woe to America: ...A
    Message 1 of 4190 , Jun 28, 1999
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      Are you really saying that (none) of these
      prophecies have come to pass???<br><br>Let me list them
      again.<br><br>Issued July, 1995:<br>"Woe to America: ...A sword known
      as The Prophetic Word Of God is now pointed at her
      leaders; At all of her inhabitants; At her wise men; And,
      at her<br>astrologers. They'll have no answers or
      solutions, and their hands will fall limp. <br><br>A Plague
      of confusion has been sent to her every <br>form of
      transportation, even to include such means as skiing and hot air
      balloons; To include her industries; And, to include
      everything that America considers to be luxurious, powerful,
      pleasurable and/or important.<br><br>This sword will cause
      her liars to become even more protective of her; It
      will cause her mighty men to be dismayed, and her
      military men to be<br>demoralized. It will cause everyone
      in her midst to become cowardly; It will cause her
      treasures, stock markets, and her every asset to be
      plundered.<br><br>A prophetic drought is now being directed at
      America's waters; They will be dried up, and her crops will
      fail for lack of water. In instances where her waters
      are not dried up, America's crops will rot in the
      ground from excessive moisture. And, in cases where she
      does manage to get her<br>food stuffs to market, most
      of them will not be fit for human consumption; much
      of it will cause serious health risks; And, for
      these and other problems, America will later be
      subjected to the worst famine in history. For America is a
      land of<br> graven images; Her people have gone mad
      over them; And, just as The Lord destroyed Sodom and
      Gomorrah and both of their neighbors, ..He has<br>Vowed to
      destroy America and both of its neighbors; ...For their
      arrogance!<br><br>Issued July, 1996:<br>"A Plague has been sent to
      America's scientific and literary community, which has
      given itself over to the false god known as Nebo. And
      all that<br> Nebo has (seemingly) provided to these
      communities will prove to be untrue, and totally unreliable.
      That which America has grown to rely on from its
      scientific community and/or literary community will dissolve
      right in front of her people's eyes! Just to mention a
      few examples: The glue, fabric, metal, nuts, bolts,
      and rivets that these communities have caused America
      to rely on, will fail; And her flying machines, and
      parts of aircraft, will literally fall out of the sky
      at the most inopportune times and places, causing
      her the greatest possible amount of humiliation and
      sorrow. What seem to be achievements in medicine and
      agriculture will likewise prove to be false; And almost
      everything America has learned to rely on, from poultry to
      ex-lax, will prove to be harmful to human health. As for
      her literature and art, they will prove to be nothing
      more than tools of deception, that tend to sever her
      people's ties with reality.<br><br>And YOU are saying that
      (none) of these prophecies have come to pass
      !!<br><br>Well, rocsy, you apparently believe God Almighty
      Himself to be a liar; Because, not only did He direct ME
      to issue the above prophecies; HE, THE LORD GOD
      ALMIGHTY has also issued them, ..TO YOU!<br><br>I will now
      begin listingg The Lord's above mentioned prophecies as
      individual posts; AND, I will also demonstrate that EACH of
      them has also come to pass.<br><br>I hope this will
    • rocsy
      Here is some more interesting informstion. http://www.cin.org/users/james/questions/q060.htm
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        Here is some more interesting informstion.


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        > I meant to say the Passover feast, as opposed to the feast of
        > unleavened bread.
        > Thanks,
        > Alan
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