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    ... ABOUT THIS MAILER This emailer/newsletter is send out to the email lists of the bands and clubs on the list, and to various PA Rocks lists by Jim Lott - PA
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 2, 2001
      This emailer/newsletter is send out to the email lists
      of the bands and clubs on the list, and to various
      PA Rocks lists by Jim Lott - PA Rocks. This newsletter
      might be the best source of email info for the band
      or club you signed up for.
      (information of possible interest
      to the PA music scene)

      Inside the Web is taking down their message boards
      on March 5. I've implemented 2 new message boards
      http://pub55.ezboard.com/bparocks11185 and
      http://pub55.ezboard.com/bparocks86588 - there's
      been a bunch of complaints about the tenor of the
      board recently, and I think that some of the complaints
      should be resolved by some of the new features.
      Please feedback to me on this, and I haven't necessarily
      settled on this method.

      MMC was great. 4 long days. I'll tell you what my MMC
      was like. Got to the Hilton at 8:00 on Thursday,
      after leaving my place with the suspicion that I would
      not be able to accomplish all the various things
      I wanted to do - was quite running out of time, but didn't
      want to miss a full night of shows (I didn't really tell
      people what my plans were, so it's cool) The registration
      was pretty much closed, but I got my laminates, and then
      determined that most people were going to Gullifty's, so off
      I went, with Tommy of Function 45. Saw Scott Keck Band, Choda
      Farm, Idle Ride, Hafast Frank, videoed it all. The JH crew
      was in the house, as was Clear Channel Communications (Channel
      15, 21) who led their newscasts live from Gullifty's.
      Cool, as we could watch live and TV simulaneously. Got a
      ride home, with a person I'd like to see again, but I was
      still (wrongly) in "work" mode, and I should have triaged
      more efficiently all work that still needed to be done,
      and concentrated on the "play" opportunites that I was
      presented with. Oh well, my bad.

      Rolled into the Hilton nice and late, confident that the
      amazing Shannon and Melanie, as well as others like Tony,
      Tim and Joy, would be holding down the fort (booth).
      They did so, and quite well. I'm not sure that they
      quite understood the extent to which I was leaving the
      booth up to them, but it's all good. Didn't rush myself
      during the day, got a little video, hung out with MMCers,
      tried to make sure Shannon and Melanie were happy, having
      fun - tried to give them space to do their thing. Closed
      up around 6. Saw Darcie, Aztek Trip at the Hilton, taped,
      went to Gullifty's, with Christine Heilig, saw Zach Myers
      Band, Mercy River, Monovox, Rebel Amish Radio, Bead, taped.
      Talked to Jerry Harrison of Garageband.com and Talking Heads
      fame, taped it. Back to the Hilton, with Pam, Sal, et al.,
      for the late night partying. Impressed Ted from Midnight Sun
      with my partying skill. Talked to Cal for Eden Park, but
      apparently I missed all the bigger parties due to their
      being broken up and such, so no partying until 6-8 in the
      AM, which is a change - something that I have come to rely
      on. Went home, encoded the Jerry Harrison footage and put
      it on the MMC website, went to sleep.

      Strolled in late again, again confident in Shannon and Melanie
      and the PA Rocks team. Chilled out, hung out, did a little
      taping, talked to some people, generally took it easy during
      the day like I like to do. Taped mostly at the Hilton that
      night - Shannon and Melanie were there taping as well, so
      coordinated with them. Radio Caroline, Perforated Head,
      New Invisible Joy, Stephen Reso Band, then to the Whitaker
      Center for Julie Schreiber, then back to the Hilton. I pretty
      much was done taping by that time, talked to Cal Weary and
      David James for an hour or so, found Shannon and Melanie,
      got their stuff, they went home. Partied with Perforated Head
      - they liked my video of them, which I was able to find after
      looking at some 10-15 unlabeled tapes. Security was knocking
      on the door, etc., etc., apparently the little speaker on my
      camcorder was too loud. Found JH and hung with the JH crew
      till about 6 - went home, slept.

      Went to Shakey's with Jeff from Fiddlestyx / Revolution Club.
      Saw, taped, Waste of Time, Mr. Kahn, Deviation Theory, 6gig.
      Hung out, went home. Didn't completely go insane for long periods
      of time, was pleased by this.

      I've been getting way, way behind on my encoding and uploading
      of my video. (I have stuff from November that's still not up)
      I just got a standard video capture card - a return to how I
      used to capture and encode back in 1998, early 1999. Recently
      I've been going firewire to Sony to Premiere to RealProducer
      which is extraordinarily time consuming, but theoretically should
      give the best results. Now I'm going to be going straight to
      RealProducer through the standard video capture card. The
      results are quite good, I've done a test - got 28fps at 45kbps
      - with a nice clean look (and the sound's the same). So, I'm
      pretty confident that I'll be up to date by the end of April.
      The clips will be much longer than they were before -
      more 30 minute clips, and less individual songs.


      A great success!!!

      Farm Show - Harrisburg Heat band schedule
      Feb 23 - Oddyssea
      Feb 24 - The Stickers
      Mar 2 - no band
      Mar 3 - no band
      Mar 16 - UPC
      Mar 17 - The Distractions
      Mar 24 - Churchills
      Mar 30 - Hypervent
      Mar 2 - The Clarks, Grapevine
      Mar 3 - Comedy Cabaret
      Mar 9 - Bubba
      Mar 10 - Negative Space, Nowhere Quick
      Mar 11 - Humane Society Comedy Cabaret Benefit
      Mar 15 - Hafast Frank, Scott Keck Band
      Mar 16 - Riders on the Storm
      Mar 17 - Martini Bros., Thick
      Mar 22 - Missing Joe, The Jellybricks
      Mar 23 - UPC, Juiced
      Mar 24 - Hypervent, Soul Parade
      Mar 29 - Wayne Supergenius, No Show Ponies, Stephen Reso Band
      Mar 30 - Liquid A
      Mar 31 - Julian Fist, Nevermoure
      Mar 2 - Full Impact
      Mar 3 - Emily's ToyBox, Darcie Miner
      Mar 9 - UUU
      Mar 10 - Full Effect
      Mar 16 - Green Eggs and Spam
      Mar 17 - The Bad Toupees
      Mar 23 - Poptart Monkeys
      Mar 24 - Zero Gravity, Darcie Miner
      Mar 30 - Clove
      Mar 31 - DJ Dance Party
      Apr 6 - Fuzzy Bunny Slippers
      Apr 7 - Full Effect
      Apr 13 - Green Eggs and Spam
      Apr 14 - Dr. Dirty John Valby
      Apr 21 - The Sharks - Reunion
      Fill out the online survey, get a chance
      to win free tickets!!!
      Mar 2 - Clove
      Mar 3 - DJ Dance Party
      Mar 9 - Katie Did...
      Mar 10 - DJ Dance Party
      Mar 22 - Cody's Crusade Benefit Concert
      w/ Julie Schreiber, Playn Jayn, Swayed, Clove
      Mar 2 - DJ Dance Party
      Mar 3 - DJ Dance Party
      Mar 9 - Full Impact
      Mar 10 - DJ Dance Party
      Every Thursday - Open Mic Night
      Mar 2 - Southern Rock All Stars - featuring members of Molly Hatchet,
      Blackfoot, Rossington Band, Lynyrd Skynrd Revival.
      Mar 3 - Party Ball
      Mar 9 - Sho 'Nuff, Throttle 5, Rising Lion
      Mar 10 - Shiftid, 51Peg, Spinebelt
      Mar 16 - Clove, Crow
      Mar 17 - Emily's Toybox, See You Auntie
      Mar 23 - Bead, Bon Fuhrer
      Mar 24 - Ridin Helen
      Mar 30 - Stept On
      Mar 31 - Thicker Than Water, Undergreen
      Mar 2 - Historic Blue Star - Lancaster, PA w/ Jesse Vital
      Mar 16 - Murph's Other Bar - York, PA
      Mar 17 - Gullifty's Underground - Camp Hill, PA w/ Thick
      Mar 24 - Private Party
      Mar 31 - Chameleon Club - Lancaster, PA w/ Mary Prankster
      Mar 2 - Cadillac Bar - Hoboken, NJ
      Mar 3 - Pine Lanes Lounge - Pine Grove, PA
      Mar 4 - Wanda's Nightclub - Mechanicsburg, PA
      Mar 10 - Snowblast 2001 - Blue Marsh Ski Area -
      Bernville, PA WQXA 105.7 The X show
      w/ Lifehouse, Oleander, Clutch, Pete Palladino
      Mar 11 - Wanda's Nightclub - Mechanicsburg, PA
      Mar 18 - Wanda's Nightclub - Mechanicsburg, PA
      Mar 25 - Wanda's Nightclub - Mechanicsburg, PA
      Mar 31 - Gullifty's Underground - Camp Hill, PA
      Apr 5 - Wanda's Nightclub - Mechanicsburg, PA
      "Pushing Audio Platinum" coming April 2000
      New: Julian Fist street team -
      Mar 30 - Rusty Nail - Harrisburg, PA w/ Debtor's Mill
      Halestorm recently signed with Ricky Leigh Mensh
      Mar 3 - Jitter's Sports Bar - West Chester, PA
      Mar 9 - Cornerstone Coffeehouse - Camp Hill, PA
      Mar 16 - Peppers Bar and Grille - Berwick, PA
      Mar 22 - Thoroughbred's - Grantville, PA
      Cody's Crusade Benefit Concert
      w/ Playn Jayn, Swayed, Clove
      Julie and Eric at 9
      Mar 23 - Grape Street Pub - Philadelphia, PA
      Mar 30 - Borders Book Store - Camp Hill, PA
      Mar 3 - Gingerbread Man Downtown - Harrisburg, PA
      Mar 7 - Gingerbread Man Downtown - Harrisburg, PA
      Mar 8 - Newport Inn - Newport, PA
      Mar 14 - Gingerbread Man Downtown - Harrisburg, PA
      Mar 15 - Newport Inn - Newport, PA
      Mar 16 - Embers Lounge at the Clarion Hotel - Carlisle, PA
      Mar 16 - Rodeway Inn - Rock 'N Roll Hotel - New Cumberland, PA
      Jamming w/ Fat Apple
      Mar 17 - Embers Lounge at the Clarion Hotel - Carlisle, PA
      Mar 21 - Gingerbread Man Downtown - Harrisburg, PA
      Mar 22 - Newport Inn - Newport, PA
      Mar 28 - Gingerbread Man Downtown - Harrisburg, PA
      Mar 29 - Newport Inn - Newport, PA
      Mar 30 - Midtown Tavern - Harrisburg, PA
      Apr 7 - Ye Olde Ale House - Mechanicsburg, PA
      Apr 20 - Rodeway Inn - Rock N Roll Hotel - New Cumberland, PA
      w/ Into The Woods, White Bread
      OVER? - looks like it. I'm keeping my hopes up tho.
      I talked to Frank at MMC, and no reunion plans are
      in the works. Since the Fall (Steve and Jared hardcore)
      Choose Your Own Adventure (new Steve and Jared project)
      Apr 21 - Shakey's - Hershey, PA - SHARKS REUNION
      Mar 3 - Shakey's - Hershey, PA w/ Emily's ToyBox
      Mar 9 - Kokomo's West - Camp Hill, PA
      Mar 10 - Kokomo's East - Harrisburg, PA
      Mar 16 - Pete's Cafe - New Cumberland, PA
      Mar 24 - Appalachian Brewing Co. DIABETES BENEFIT - Harrisburg, PA
      Mar 24 - Shakey's - Hershey, PA w/ Zero Gravity
      Mar 31 - Rusty Nail - Harrisburg, PA
      Apr 6 - Tailgater's - York, PA
      Apr 6 - Fat Daddy's - York, PA w/ Emily's ToyBox
      FUNCTION 45
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