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'Thursday Sessions' @ the Ti, Hellam, Pa.

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  • David
    The Tourist Inn would like to take the opportunity to say Thank You to Off the Kuff , one of my favorite House Bands . Each month something special happens
    Message 1 of 1 , May 3, 2004
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      The Tourist Inn would like to take the opportunity to say 'Thank
      You' to 'Off the Kuff', one of my favorite 'House Bands'.

      Each month something special happens here @ the Ti.
      .... Every band that has given their time and talent on these nights
      we call Thursday Sessions' @ the Tourist Inn in Hellam, Pa. 8:00
      till 12:00 Thursdays discover 'sharing their talent' was very
      rewarding, and u wanna know sumthin'...they get better. i think its
      da Jam.

      .....No competition, people show up, they sign up, they plug in and
      We have by the courtesy of 'Freezerburnt' our House band for the
      month of May, a complete drum kit (note:drummers bring snare n'
      breakables), guitar amps, bass amp. All u gotta do is show up w/
      your instrument. All music is welcome, from complete bands to single

      All age times are: 8:30pm till 9:00pm only. No Under 21 after 9pm

      For more information contact Al @ HavefunAl@...
      or TouristInn.net or 717-755-7629

      digitalDave (Ti Hse Eng)
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