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    Hey all, Tomorrow Night (Thursday) is another PA Rocks Night at Gullifty s. 2 bands 2 bucks 21+ D arey October and Anthrophobia 9:30 - 12 mid (or so). This
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 11, 1999
      Hey all, Tomorrow Night (Thursday) is another PA Rocks Night at Gullifty's. 2 bands 2 bucks 21+ D'arey October and Anthrophobia 9:30 - 12 mid (or so). This should be a really good show. Here's a write-up from PA Rocks home page -

      Second PA Rocks Night - Gullifty's - Thursday August 12.
      2 cool bands - D'arey October and Anthrophobia. Those of you from the
      Harrisburg area might be most familiar with D'arey October and
      Anthrophobia from when they played with Godsmack at the City Island
      Pavillion in February 1999 for the Millenium Music Conference.
      Anthrophobia went on right before Godsmack and D'arey October went on
      right before Anthrophobia. Due to scheduling issues, I got there too late to see D'arey October, but got to see Anthrophobia. Very ferocious music - hundreds of fans jumping up and down, smacking into each other, quite a sight to see. Anthrophobia is a national act (based out of Reading, PA, as is D'arey October), signed to Oxygen records, have sold over 10,000 CD's, and have played on the Warped Tour. I was very disappointed to have missed D'arey October's set, as there was quite the buzz for them, but they went on earlier then scheduled, what can you do? But I did get the chance to talk to them and to get a CD "Fighting the Moon". Often one hears in reference to a young band (and D'arey is a young band - 2 are in high school and one just graduated) that they're promising, that with some work, they could be top level. Well, with D'arey October, and "Fighting the Moon", we're talking about a CD that needs very little if anything to be released (except more songs, as the CD is 6 songs long). Basically, I would characterize D'arey October as Heavy Modern Rock, but with piano on some songs, and an occasional pop feel. I've heard them compared to Garbage, as well. (I'm not that good at comparing and the like) Do check out their web page - http://parocks.com/dareyoctober - their album is up in streaming realaudio and there are a bunch of video clips. This band should be signed - come to the show Thursday 8/12 and find out what I'm talking about.

      - Jim Lott, PA Rocks
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