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ENEWS April 2002

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  • pariswoman
    Dear Readers, I have been living in Paris for about 6 years, but I have never known the origins of its famous flea markets. Recently, I have found a website
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      Dear Readers,

      I have been living in Paris for about 6 years, but I have never known the origins of its famous flea markets. Recently, I have found a website that will tell you all. On this website, you will also be able to learn more about the markets of Saint-Ouen. Through each link to Saint-Ouen's specific market, you can view the photos of its exhibitors, descriptions of its specialized merchandises, and its environment. The Campo market is one not to be missed. Remember to click on the 'Stars' link to see an impressive list of stars, both French and Americans, who are regulars to the narrow alleys of the markets where they enjoy sifting through the boxes packed with history.

      How to get there?

      By Metro
      - Porte de Clignancourt, line 4, coming from Paris.
      Take the exit marked Boulevard Ornano, odd numbers,
      then the exit rue Belliaud /rue letord. Go under the ring road.
      Avenue Michelet is the continuation of the Porte de Clignancourt,
      but the easiest way to get to most of the markets is along the
      rue des Rosiers (first left off the avenue Michelet).
      - Garibaldi, line 13, from Saint-Ouen.
      Reach the end of the rue des Rosiers by crossing the
      square Marmottan or along the rue Edgard Quinet .

      By Bus
      - N°85 (Gare du Luxembourg-Mairie de Saint-Ouen),
      Paul Bert stop (except Sundays and bank holidays, when the bus
      only goes as far as the Town Hall of the 18th arrondissement).
      - N°56 (Château de Vincennes-Porte de Clignancourt).
      - The PC: Porte de Clignancourt
      - 166
      - 255

      History of the Flea Market in Paris

      "The history of the Flea Market goes back several centuries. It is inseparable from the history of the rag-and-bone men, who were to be found in the shadow of the so-called "fortifs" , or fortifications.

      Known variously as "biffins", "chiftires", "crocheteurs" (pickers) or, more poetically, "pêcheurs de lune" (moon fishermen), the rag-and-bone men traveled through the city by night, searching for old objects that had been thrown out with the rubbish, which they would then resell on the local markets. Because they were often associated with the inhabitants of the "Cour des Miracles", an area of Paris frequented by beggars and thieves, the rag-and-bone men were driven out of the city by the new city authorities towards the end of the 19th century. They therefore formed small groups and pursued their activities on the other side of the fortifs, near the city gates of Montreuil, Vanves, Kremlin Bicêtre and Clignancourt. Gradually, a number of the craftier of these "moon fishermen" were able to become, in a sense, self-employed bric-a-brac trader. "

      Read more about it at http://www.parispuces.com/en/histo.html


      Spring Break and School Jitters
      As always, it is a parent's task to learn to listen to the music behind his or her child's words. You know your own child and you are the best judge of how he or she operates. Trust your own knowledge. It is normal for children, especially young children, to have a bit of back to school jitters. They are leaving the safety of their home base to face the unknown. Just think of what it is for an adult to go job hunting or even undertake a new promotion with new tasks and new expectations. Your child's return to school, even when the classroom is a familiar one, is akin to an adult returning to a job after a vacation. There's always anticipation and a touch of anxiety. Even the familiar seems new possibly even scary.

      Read full article by Dr Lynn at http://www.pariswoman.com/news.htm

      FABULEUX JARDINS [Fabulous Gardens]
      "Le style Duchêne"
      from 15/03/2002 to 24/06/2002 11.30am-6pm. Closed tuesday
      PARC DE BAGATELLE Route de Sèvres - Bois de Boulogne

      MONDRIAN : FROM 1892 TO 1914
      "A journey towards abstraction"
      from 27/03/2002 to 14/07/2002 10am-6pm (from 9am in summer).
      10am-9.45pm Thursday. 9am-6pm Sunday - Closed monday
      ORSAY (MUSEE D') 62, rue de Lille www.musee-orsay.fr

      "Artists, models, those who inspired and those who were inspired"
      from 12 April to mid-September 1pm-7pm
      MONTPARNASSE (MUSEE DU) 21 avenue du Maine

      "Deir el-Médineh and the Valley of the Kings"
      from 19/04/2002 to 22/07/2002 9am-5.15pm.
      9am-9.15pm Wednesday. Closed tuesday
      LOUVRE (MUSEE DU) Entrée par la Pyramide Cour Napoléon

      "Figure skating"
      from 06/04/2002 to 07/04/2002 8.30pm. 2.30pm Sunday
      PALAIS OMNISPORTS DE PARIS BERCY 8, boulevard de Bercy

      from 05/04/2002 to 08/04/2002 10am-7pm

      HIPPODROME D'AUTEUIL Allée des Fortifications - Bois de Boulogne

      from 06/04/2002 to 09/04/2002 10am-7.30pm.
      10am-6pm Tuesday
      PARC DE LA VILLETTE 211, avenue Jean-Jaurès

      from 13/04/2002 to 21/04/2002 10am-7pm. 10am-10pm 19 April.
      (Collectioners' market 20 and 21 April)
      PARIS EXPO Parc des Expositions - 1, place de la Porte de Versailles www.parisexpo.com

      Comfortably install yourself in the armchairs on the main floor or on the mezzanine, you are ready to taste a healthy cooking in an appeasing decor. The salad of seaweeds and cucumbers or the fricassee beef with a Thai sauce is a mixture of Franco-Asian cooking. Though very successful. Menu from 12 euros, a la carte from 35 euros. Maoh, 6 rue du Commandant-Pilot, Neuilly-sur-Seine. Metro: Porte-Maillot.

      For ice-scream lovers, Raimo is the place worshipped by the Parisians. It has been found since 1947 in a deco of years '60, you can taste the best of the best ice-screams in the city. 2,90 euros for one scoop. Raimo 59, bd de Reuilly, 75012.

      "Exhibition for children from 4 to 12 yrs"
      from 03/04/2002 to 07/04/2002 9am-6.30pm -
      JARDIN DU LUXEMBOURG Boulevard Saint-Michel

      Love, Greg & Lauren: A Husband's Day-by-Day Account of His Wife's Remarkable Recovery is Greg Manning's heartfelt account of his wife's struggle to recover from the extensive burns she received in the World Trade Center attack. Meet an extraordinary woman and the caretakers who helped her to survive for her husband and child.
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      Read more info, customer reviews and excerpt at

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      Pariswoman Journal Team

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