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  • craiginsrilanka
    Everyone, I am so very sorry to inform you that Rob passed away a couple of days ago. In case you didn t know already, Rob had a benign tumor removed from his
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 21, 2006
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      I am so very sorry to inform you that Rob passed away a couple of
      days ago.

      In case you didn't know already, Rob had a benign tumor removed from
      his left buttock in September. His recovery was absolutely
      incredible, having been ambulatory just 2 days post-op and walking
      unassisted and returning to "normal" really quickly. We were given
      the green light by his doctor for him to resume normal activities in
      early October. He had planned to return to work next week. Last
      week we decided to keep a reservation we had made months ago to spend
      some time in the mountains of West Virginia - a good way for him to
      spend a couple of days relaxing and recuperating before returning to
      work. On Wednesday afternoon, after a perfectly normal and healthy
      morning, he experienced a setback. His surgical wound started
      draining fluid and in a very short period of time his health
      declined. In just 5 hours he was very incoherent and rushed to the
      local hospital/clinic and then transferred to a bigger facility in
      Roanoke, VA. He had acquired an infection in his wound, of which
      type we are not yet certain, but apparently it came on quickly and
      would have occurred no matter where we were or what we were doing
      this last week. The surgeons tried to remove all the infected tissue
      in emergency surgery. Rob suffered cardiac arrest as they finished
      the surgery. Twice. He could not be revived after the second. I am
      grateful that he was peaceful during the last hours of his life, that
      I got to be with him, and that his last days were spent in one of his
      favorite places on this planet.

      We are all so tremendously saddened by this sudden tragedy. At this
      point we have a memorial service tentatively scheduled for Saturday,
      October 28 at the Peace Corps Headquarters between 10:30 and noon.
      Anyone and everyone who knew Rob is welcome to attend. This will be
      followed by a reunion/luncheon to celebrate his life at a location in
      DC to be announced shortly. In the afternoon and evening all are
      welcome to our family home to share stories and find some peace from
      this unexpected event. Peace Corps was central to our lives and we
      are grateful to work with friends at PC to arrange a service to honor
      Rob's life. We were both RPCVs, had met through PC, spent the first
      5 years of our marriage overseas with PC, and began our family while
      working with PC. If you could please help spread the news to any
      other people who would want to know our sad news, I would appreciate

      Please do not hesitate to call or write me. Our address is 1496
      Truslow Rd., Fredericksburg, VA 22406. Tel: 540-752-9344. I'll be
      sending out a more formal invitation to the memorial service in the
      next couple of days. If you do not receive one or know of someone
      who would like to attend but has not received one, please just let me

      With much love to everyone who contributed to the life of that very
      special person. Thank you for being his friends.

      Colleen Gabriel
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