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Akwasidae and Solstice Meditation 12/23/2012 at The Agogo Cultural Center

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    Akwasidae / Solstice With The Agogo Cultural Center Elders & Community Village in Philadelphia Special Akwasidae and Solstice Meditation December 23, 2012
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      Akwasidae / Solstice


      Come Experience Akwasidae & The Winter Solstice Observance




      The Agogo Cultural Center Elders & Community Village in Philadelphia


      Special Akwasidae and Solstice Meditation December 23, 2012

      at The Agogo Cultural Center in Philadelphia


      Many of you now have become familiar with the Akan "Holy Day" celebration of Akwasidae as a result of our consistent observance of it every forty days here on the shores of America (Philadelphia) for over the past seventeen years. Many of you also know that as a lifestyle, we embrace and practice meditation, yoga, dietary constraints, Family / Clan (Kinship) cultivation, Governing via the Institution of Chieftaincy (Divine Kingship), self-empowering economic ventures, etc., etc. Some who are involved in, or familiar with Akan Culture may ask the question of how can we be accepted by the powers that be in Ghana / Africa as an extension of an indigenous "African Traditional System" when our lifestyle practices may vary in some ways from what currently is practiced by indigenous Ghanaians / Africans? Are we credible? The answer is embodied in the Adinkra Symbol called "SANKOFA" which means in order for us to move forward as an African people, we must go back and fetch and live that which was great in our past. In addition, our cultural practices were always dynamic, not static. Transforming to meet current day needs without sacrificing the Universal Principles has always been "our way as a people". So we have connected back to Africa "for real" by being brought back into the Asante System of governance, authorized to expand it on the shores of America while bringing all that is good and great (from an Ancient African context) that we have to offer being born and raised here in America.

      As fate would have it, the most important Solstice in 5126 years based on the Mayan Calendar (rooted in the wisdom of the Africans called the Olmecs) will occur in conjunction with the last Akwasidae of 2012. Not only will you receive detailed information on the significance of this Solstice's energy and purpose, but most importantly, you will harness and experience the benefits of this energy by way of a group meditation with "powerful spiritual people" enabling you to far surpass your individual meditative outcomes. This is the most optimum time of your entire life to plant the seeds aimed at overcoming bad habits by planting and cultivating seeds that will yield true "Divine" success for you here on earth.

      Information will be shared by Brother Ras Ben and others. For those who want to experience a exotic Raw Vegetarian Meal brought forth by Mama K, please bring $15.00 for that purpose. There are no fees or cost associated with attending Akwasidae or the Solstice Meditation immediately following.


      This is the TIME...............Don't be Distracted..............SANKOFA...!!!


      Nana Kofi Tuuda / Agogo Nkabomhene

      and Philadelphiahene in Waiting



      Date: Sunday, December 23th, 2012

      Time: Akwasidae 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM

                 Meditation 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM


      Location: 2038 S. 5th Street- Corner of 5th and Snyder Ave.

      Philadelphia, Pa. 19148


      Wear or Bring White or Light Colors For Meditation

      (If Possible)


      Contact 215-389-3578 ext - 13

      For More Information



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