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Operation: Warm Hearts at Tazia this Friday

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  • michael.rice@phila.gov
    OPERATION: WARM HEARTS Have you ever been so cold, you felt it in your bones? The wind so cold that it feels like its burning your face. Your fingers so
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      Have you  ever been so cold, you felt it in  your bones?  The wind so cold that it feels like its burning your face.  Your fingers so cold that they are stiff and frozen.  The cold passing through your body causing you to shutter?

      This winter is expected to be  brutally cold.  The people the worse hit will be the homeless who without shelter  and  living on the street will have  no protection from the elements.  

      Hard to imagine?  This is a reality for over 4,000 people this winter.  This is the estimated homeless in Philadelphia.

      Want to do something about it?  

      Well there are some people who care and are doing something about.  

      One such person is Fareeda Mabry, founder of Operation:  Warm Hearts.  Last year Fareeda started a grass roots organization, Operation Warm Hearts with a simple purpose.  Help those who can't help themselves.  

      In 2010,  Fareeda and company helped over 800 familes face the cold and bitterness of winter.  

      This year the goal is to collect over 1,701 blankets across the Philadelphia for those who need.

      Fareeda aka Maverick, is a native Philadelphian, she  graduated from Olney High School , and attended Peirce colllege and the University of Penn.  Regardless of her education or income, Fareeda has never forgotten where she came from.

      "The same people we elect, some turn to elitism and it is hard for people to relate to them." Fareeda said, "I want people to relate to me as a sister, a cousin, a daughter, a niece and a friend."

       Fareeda states the number 1701 comes of  William Penn, founder of Philadelpha who issued the Charter of 1701.

      Fareeda stands in the forefront of Philadelphian's standing up for others and caring for those who are challenged.  

      Want to join in the "Fight to do things Right"?  

      Come down to the Professional Holday Mixer supporting Operation:  Warm Hearts and several other community initiatives including:
      Community Improvement workshops and the Strawberry Mansion Tennis Association community clinics.  

      You can bring a blanket, gloves, socks, hats, soap, tooth paste, tooth brushes, clean t-shirts and other tioletries

      Note:  You can come and just drop the items off or stay for the evening activities.

      The event is scheduled for this Friday, December 2, 2011 from 5:30 to 8:30pm at Tazia, 11th and Arch (across from the Philadelphia Convention Center).  The event will bring to together individuals of diversified backgrounds to connect, communicate and collaborate on both business, community and social issues.    Be prepared to meet fascinating and motivated professionals from the tri-state area engaged in networking icebreakers, fund-rasinng raffles and enjoying Tazia's afterwork specials and appetizers.

      To rsvp call 267-303-0653 or 215-669-8004.  Or rsvp on line at www.theconnectornetwork.com/mixandmingle.  

      Can't make it but still want to donate?  

      Donations, drop offs, pick ups or partnerships and sponsorships contact Fareeda Mabry at 267-707-8979 or email her at ffareeda@...

      Blessed by the Best

      Michael Rice
      Community Engagement  Specialist
      Office of Truancy & Delinquency Prevention
      Division of Community Based Prevention Services
      Three Parkway
      1601 Cherry Street, 9th floor
      Philadelphia, PA 19102

      Aspire to Inspire - Pray  First, Aim High and Stay Focused

      "First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you and next you win."
                                                                       Mahatma Ghandi

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