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Detoxing our children

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  • Cheryl
    This is a topic many are not familiar with as vital and important. But I assert that not being known does not stop the truth from being true. Heavy metals and
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 31, 2010
      This is a topic many are not familiar with as vital and important.
      But I assert that not being known does not stop the truth from being true.

      Heavy metals and other toxins bio-accumulate in the body and can stay sequestered for years. These toxins can and do translate into disease over time. We need to begin to adopt a "prevention" health strategy vs. the traditional "cure once we're sick" mentality.

      Up until recently there was not a safe, non-toxic, all natural way to get these toxicants out of our bodies, but now there is. Thus, we as parents should not permit ourselves to be "lazy" about this topic. So many people make the assumption that if their kids are healthy today then there is nothing to worry about. Nothing could be further from the truth. Childhood cancers are on the rise, autism rates have increased exponentially over the past 10 years. Toxic heavy metals have scientifically been implicated in many of the diseases of aging, cancers, as well as in neuro-developmental diseases, seizure disorders and autism spectrum disorders.

      Please don't wait until you or your child is sick (like we did). There is much information out there (keeping in mind the internet can be a slippery place of false as well as half-truth information). I have done extensive due diligence on this topic and am happy to be a resource if you want one. No strings attached.

      Both of my children were adopted from China and have had significant health improvements since we began to detox them of their chemical "body burden". My son had post-stroke deficits for two years and we had resolution of most of his problems after we detoxed him.I have numerous documents I can email if you contact me.

      I am on a mission to get information out to as many people as possible because if I do then I just might save a life! And if anyone wants any info about moya moya syndrome you can also contact me – our son has moya moya. He has had bilateral strokes and bilat revascularization surgeries at Children's Hosptial Boston.


      PS - A few good places to start are:
      www.ncdsupport.com (especially the "research" tab)

      If you ignore everything else I've posted, then please just watch this one video. If Ken Cook, Director of the Environmental Working Group, does not convince you this is an important issue and that our children are at risk, then I certainly won't be able to convince you. Every parent should see this video:

      PS - Did anyone see the Dr. Oz show last Tuesday? He talked about this very issue of toxicity. Also, in Nov 2009 it was covered in the NY Times, and Popular Science Magazine. If you pay attention you'll keep hearing more and more about it.
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