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Re: [Parenting Children with Moyamoya] YuYu being admitted to Children's Hosp...

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  • ilovemybulldog@aol.com
    Hi Cheryl! Sending many prayers and happy thoughts your way. Sorry your little guy was upset after the angio.... I can t help you on how it will
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 4, 2006
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      Hi Cheryl!
      Sending many prayers and happy thoughts your way. Sorry your little
      guy was upset after the angio.... I can't help you on how it will afterwards...
      My son, Keith, and I are headed to Stanford on tomorrow night. Our journey
      from the airport in Alexandria, Louisiana actually starts very early Monday so
      to not stress Keith out too much we are staying over. Keith's first of
      several surgeries is on the 14th. Lots and lots of tests first though. He has a
      variant of moyamoya.. and the moyamoya is not only bilaterally, it is also at
      the back of the brain and tethered around the spinal cord... Saying extra
      prayers for you and your little guy along with my prayers for my "little" guy
      (((((((((((((((((((((((((((big hugs)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

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      luvfunparenting@... writes:

      Hello all.
      I just wanted to thank all of you that have posted here, and those
      that have written to me privately. What a huge support you all are.
      I would be very interested in hearing from Heather or others to tell
      us what to expect AFTER the surgery...when YuYu had his angiogram he
      cried for 5 hours after coming out of the anesthesia! sigh...we so
      hope that he won't have to go through that again. (YuYu is 4 years
      His surgery is scheduled for Monday morning at 7:30am EST. We will
      let you all know as soon as we can - just how everything went.

      Thank you all for your continued good thoughts, and prayers, and a
      special THANK YOU to the gang from our February 2003 DTC Yahoo Group
      (DTC=date to China) for the fundraiser they did! Some of the folks
      that live in the Boston area will be delivering dinners to us while
      we are here in Boston. SO MANY kind and generous people being so
      very kind and supportive! We appreciate it more than we can say.

      For now, we are calling it an early night.
      We will post again on Monday sometime.
      Yours in gratitude,
      Cheryl, Paul, LiLi and YuYu

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