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Re: [Parenting Children with Moyamoya] YuYu update 2/26/06 -heading to Boston...

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  • ilovemybulldog@aol.com
    Hi.. I am so happy for you that you have your surgery date! We are heading out to California to see Dr Steinberg on the day of your son s surgery. My son, who
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 26, 2006
      Hi.. I am so happy for you that you have your surgery date! We are heading
      out to California to see Dr Steinberg on the day of your son's surgery. My son,
      who is 21, is having his first surgery on the 14th... we will be staying in
      California for approx a month... my son has varient of moya moya.. the back
      of the brain also has occulsions and has an odd vasularization going on back
      there that Dr Steinberg wants to study further and to see if at all there can
      be surgery done to that area of the brain... We had a horrible night in the
      ER yesterday.. Keith had another TIA that was the worst one yet... although
      they found no new damage... we have to make a trip to houston from ft polk ( a
      four and half hour ride) to see his neurologist this week because of last
      night... so we are on pins and needles at this point.... there is definitely a
      guardian angel looking over my son's shoulder because we thought for sure he
      was having a full stroke last night because he could barely talk and
      completely numb on the right side again.... that is where the last stroke effected

      Will keep you in our prayers....


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      luvfunparenting@... writes:

      Hello, I am new here, but wanted to share this with you all.

      I just wanted to let you know that our son,YuYu's surgery (cranial
      revascularization by pial synangiosis) is scheduled for March 6th at
      Boston Children's Hopsital.

      YuYu was adopted from China 6 months ago - he is 4 years old. He had
      a stroke one month ago and has been diagnosed with moyamoya

      We fly to Boston on Wed. March 1st, meet with the neurosurgeon (Dr.
      Michael Scott) on March 2nd, and then have a couple of days before
      YuYu needs to be admitted to the hospital on March 5th, and surgery
      on the 6th. We will be so appreciative of all the good thoughts and
      prayers that any and all are willing to send up for our precious son.

      Right now YuYu is stable. He has had no other strokes or TIAs
      (trasiant ischemic attacks) since the one on Jan.22nd, and this is
      the best possible news since there is a direct correlation between
      how he presents for surgery with his long term pronosis (as long as
      he makes it through the surgery and immediately after the surgery
      without any further adverse events.

      We love this child more than words can say, and all of the people
      that have been so kind, and so loving and generous with us - your
      prayers especially -are appreciated so much. We know that we have
      been blessed to have this child come into our lives to be our dear
      son...and we so want him to be well again.

      My family and I thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for your
      friendship, your love, and your support during this emotional and
      trying time. Reading the posts on this group have been very helpful
      to our family.

      With our sincere love and appreciation,
      Cheryl, Paul, LiLi and YuYu in New Mexico!

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