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Re: [Parenting Children with Moyamoya] Re: New Diagnosis

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  • Richard W. Bates
    Hello all, My granddaughter was at Boston Children s Hospital as Ginny s son. In fact Dr. Scott operated on her in the morning and Ginny s son that afternoon.
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 8, 2003
      Hello all,
      My granddaughter was at Boston Children's Hospital as Ginny's son. In
      fact Dr. Scott operated on her in the morning and Ginny's son that
      afternoon. Just wanted to let everyone know that Hayley is doing great, no
      problems at all.
      For those that are considering Boston Children, I can't say enough good
      things about the staff. We had to make two trips from Virginia to Boston a
      month apart, the first time Hayley developed pneumonia and the surgery had
      to be rescheduled. The staff went "above and beyond" what was expected to
      make our granddaughter and us as stress free as possible. This includes the
      Dr. Scott and his staff, the nursing staff and the hospital staff in
      Ginny I'm glad to hear that your son is progressing well. The pictures we
      took turned out great, I'll get your address from my son (I think you gave
      it to him) and send you a copy of them.
      Mary...I want to thank you for everything you have done, your
      encouragement and support . I meant to send this update earlier but have
      been really busy since returning from Boston.
      If anyone has any questions, that's what this support group is for.
      You all are in our Prayers,

      Richard (Papa) Bates and the Bates family
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