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Re: [Parenting Children with Moyamoya] Re: Adolescents with MM

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  • Anne Eason
    Thanks for your reply. I m glad to say my daughter is doing fine. We too, are at about a two year mark from the surgery. Hers was done at Children s
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 18, 2003
      Thanks for your reply. I'm glad to say my daughter is doing fine. We too, are at about a two year mark from the surgery. Hers was done at Children's Hospital in Cincinnati, Ohio.
      She was one of the lucky ones who never had a stroke..just TIA's. She has a lifelong history of headaches, previously diagnosed as migraines. That has improved so much, too, since the surgery. She also takes an aspirin daily.
      Glad to hear about your son Geoff and his progress. My daughter is also nearly 15. Even though it's frustrating, it's nice to be dealing with normal adolescent issues, don't you think?
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      > I read mostly about younger kids being diagnosed with MM. My
      > daughter was diagnosed at age 12 two years ago, and had two
      > surgeries. If anyone needs support in this area, feel free to
      > contact me. She's doing great!


      My son was also diagnosed at the age of twelve two years ago. His
      anniversary of his surgeries are this week coming up. How has your
      daughter done?
      Geoff has done very well and had only minor problems since then, and
      the last problem was in November he had what they thought was a
      stroke, but there was no permanent damage and it completely reversed.
      Now they are calling it a reversible intermittent neurological deficit
      or RIND episode. He takes an aspirin a day and also takes nifedipine.
      (a calcium chalnnel blocker to dilate blood vessels.
      Our major obstacle is school. His grades are not the best. He has a
      tutor and we are working on his study skills. He was tested and his
      intellectual ability is high., I think it has to do with him being
      almost 15.


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