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Jul 21, 2013

Tips Avoid Natural Disaster

Tips Avoid Natural Disaster Observe Behavior Animals (^ ^) v The animals have the instinct will be a disaster, and they at least know where the best protection
Nov 13, 2010

Moyamoya surgery live webcast TODAY! 6/8

Live from Children's Hospital Boston! =TREATING MOYAMOYA DISEASE= It means "puff of smoke" and it could lead to strokes in children. See how the team at
Jun 8, 2010

Less Toxic Living - new Yahoo Group

Hello Everyone! Happy Valentine's Day! Just so you know - I have started a new Yahoo Group for those interested in the topic of less toxic living. Personally,
Feb 14, 2010

Detoxing our children

This is a topic many are not familiar with as vital and important. But I assert that not being known does not stop the truth from being true. Heavy metals and
Jan 31, 2010

Channel 5 programme extraordinary people.....

Just watched the extraordinary people programme on channel 5. The children with primerial dwarfism could get moya moya..... This is the first time i have
Apr 15, 2009

Re: New experience of shopping!

I would like to let everyone know that I did NOT send this email about shopping. I can only presume it a virus of some sort and hope it has not effected your
Nancy McStravick
Mar 18, 2009

Re: New experience of shopping!

how do awful when someone invades a site meant to provide supportĀ to profit themselves ________________________________ From: Laurie Park
heather patterson
Mar 17, 2009

Re: New experience of shopping!

You have no business being on this website. Take me OFF your list. ... From: Nancy McStravick Subject: [Parenting Children with
Laurie Park
Mar 17, 2009

New experience of shopping!

New experience of shopping! i would like to introduce a good company who trades mainly in electornic products. Now the company is under sales promotion,all the
Nancy McStravick
Mar 17, 2009

2009 CHASA Retreat held in AL

FWD: We're gathering a list of families who may be interested in attending the 2009 Children's Hemiplegia and Stroke Association, CHASA Family Retreat. We're
Jan 16, 2009

Re: seattle area needinf info please

Dear Wyndi, Your daughter sounds like she is a very strong little girl! My daughter was 7 when she was diagnosed with Moyamoya 3 yrs ago. We are a military
Laurie Park
Dec 28, 2008

Re: I am cleaning up the spam

Hello everyone, I wrote in in 2006/07 because my daughter had just been diagonised with moyamoya and this site was wonderful in supporting and giving my family
Sep 30, 2008

Re: Jennifer

I am glad to hear a parents perspective about Vanderbilt. I need to find a neurosurgeon to monitor Meadow after Dr Steinberg's 6 month follow-up appt in July.
lora beasley
Feb 24, 2008

Re: Jennifer

Yes, we live close to Cookeville,TN , which is about a 4 1/2 hr drive from Memphis. It is east of Nashville. We actually were referred to a neurosurgeon at
Jennifer Elrod
Feb 23, 2008
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