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974Tips Avoid Natural Disaster

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  • thejanos.parent
    Nov 13, 2010
      Tips Avoid Natural Disaster

      Observe Behavior Animals (^ ^) v

      The animals have the instinct will be a disaster, and they at least know where the best protection from disaster.
      What is meant is that all animals, ranging from small (ants, cockroaches, rats), to large, elephant, tiger, horse, plus the birds and fish.
      Two true stories about animal instinct:

      Aceh, Indonesia, December 26, 2004
      A farmer with his family was in the field. Suddenly they saw a group of wild animals running in the same direction, elephants, wild horses, tigers, including the birds in the air.
      These farmers remember the story of his deceased father that if an animal ran in the direction of such a sign would be a disaster.
      Immediately, the farmer must bring his family run with the animals.
      Incidentally they ran among the tigers, but no need to fear, because all the animals were only thinking about one thing, namely to save themselves.
      They followed the animals that were run to the top of the hill.
      Loud rumbling sound at the foot of the hill, it turns out the tsunami had come to destroy paddy fields.
      Thankfully they soon followed the animals, because the difference in time is so thin.
      Note: of course, once arrived at the top of the hill, family farmers rushed to the hordes of wild herbivores like elephants and wild horses, elephants and horses because it can protect humans from the tiger.

      Sichuan, China, May 2008
      The rats in very much out of the gutter and all moving in the same direction.
      Professor seismologists (better not to be named, because he was wrong predictions), said there would be no earthquake in the region.
      His students debating about the behavior of rats in the professor, but still disputed as well.
      By referring friends and family, his students are to evacuate immediately follow these mice.
      There are among those who brought the motorcycle, there is a car.
      Thankfully they move quickly, because in any way, they have felt the vibrations.
      They got the news that their home town destroyed by the quake.
      They survived, having been away from the epicenter, with guided by the rats.
      Professor seismologists too, was still less with the rats.

      Both stories are intended to increase the knowledge of peers and gentlemen, there is absolutely no intent to frighten.
      After all, this is a true story, and not add to financial gain for me.
      (I'm not selling a mouse or elephant, or his friends, haha ^ ^)

      Scatter of this knowledge on your friends, your family everything, because the facts show that the knowledge of Indonesian people will still lack a natural disaster.

      May we all always safe and protected.
      Thank you (^ ^) v