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972Less Toxic Living - new Yahoo Group

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  • Cheryl
    Feb 14, 2010
      Hello Everyone!
      Happy Valentine's Day!
      Just so you know -

      I have started a new Yahoo Group for those interested in the topic of less toxic living. Personally, I find it difficult to find the time to stay informed, to research and try new organic or less toxic products, foods, shampoos, cleaners, laundry soaps, etc. It takes more (and money) time than I have in any given day or week to read the articles, seek out the websites, and digest this information for my family.

      There is also cutting edge science we should know about, there are websites and news media pieces coming out each day which some of us might see or hear about but others of us might miss.

      The purpose of this group is simply to be an information sharing hub.
      Anyone is welcome. If you have info to share about some new product you know works, if you learn about some new toxicant to avoid, some product to promote, new ideas to share, new information about healthier options, homeopathic medicines, new questions or concerns about pharmaceutical medications, new books, seminars, supplements, health risks and concerns, toxicity topics,whatever. This is a place to share info and find info about what is going on so we can each be more informed about ways to live a Less Toxic Life!

      Sharing information is the most powerful way to get the word out quickly on a myriad of topics relating to our toxic modern world (the good and the bad). Together, with a grassroots effort, we can make a difference.

      The fact is, there is no going back to a chemical free world - we are far beyond that point. We must work to educate ourselves and each other to stay safe and healthy.

      If you'd like to join the group just go to:


      Cheryl Cutting in NH

      PS - thanks for your patience with this posting. I felt certain some parents in this group would be interested and find this applicable.