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762My little girl

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  • jppkrn
    Dec 2, 2006
      My Little girl Bailey is 3 years old and we just found out that she
      has moyamoya. On nov 9th she fell off a chair at around 8am she
      acted just fine all of sudden her right hand wasnt moving. She was
      at home with her grandma she called Baileys dad and he said to watch
      her.A little bit later she wasnt able to move her right leg. her dad
      toke her in and I meet him there. Her hole right side was limp and
      cold. they thought it was a tumor or a infection. Then they said
      they ruled out the infection. They told us they wanted to do a mri
      to see how big the tumor was. a little bit later they came and told
      us our baby was having strokes. Let me tell you that was the last
      thing I ever thought could happen to my baby. They told us she would
      have to have surgry on both sides of her brain. she wasnt able to
      talk or move her right side at all.Befor her first surgry we got her
      walking and she said mom. When she came out of surgry we lost all we
      had got back. My little girl has the biggest smile you would ever
      see and it was gone. I never felt a pain like not knowing what would
      happen. We live in South Dakota no one knew what moyamoya was at
      sioux valley she was olny the 2nd case they had ever seen. She has
      had both surgrys now and she seems to be getting better yet they
      tell us no one knows if it will last.