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7264yr old daughter cries alot & wakes up alot at night

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  • jnokes5
    May 2, 2006
      My 4 yr old daughter cries alot over the least little thing.Some days it
      seems like all she does is cry.I'm sure alot of it has to do with her
      being sick since she was a baby therefore everyone has spoiled
      her.However,I have always tried to make her mind & don't let her get her
      way all the time.This has gotten worse during over the past few
      months,esp.the past few weeks.Also,she has very rarely slept through the
      night.Usually,she will wake up 2 times in one night,sometimes 3
      times.Has anyone experienced these problems with their child?Is this in
      someway related to MM?Both problems just seem to be getting worse.Please
      let me know if anyone has any answers.Thank you.
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