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478I need more info

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  • jcamp9193
    Jul 10, 2004
      My 10 year old son does not have a definate diagnosis of moyamoya
      but they are trying to decide if he has moyamoya or inernal carotid
      artery stenosis.He has had 2 mri/mra's and a arteriogram.both
      mri/mra's stated begining stages of moyamoya, the arteriogram was
      inconclusive.We have an apointment in a couple weeks to talk to the
      Dr.and hopefully I can get my questions answered then but if there
      is anyone out there who was diagnosed before a stroke I would
      greatly apreciate any info on what led to a definate diagnosis.Right
      now I feel like I am just waiting for something to happen to him and
      am feeling very helpless and am trying to educate myself about both
      moyamoya an internal carotid artery stenosis.I'd apreciate any info
      or experiance anyone has had thanks
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