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  • dsrm5482
    Jun 2, 2004
      > Mary Grace,
      My son, Kyle, had a stroke due to Moyamoya, on Feb 22, 1997. He,
      too, had been napping and EXTREMELY tired the week before. My
      sitter was worried, I was perplexed! He also had an upper
      respiratory infection (left ear - the stroke was on the left) 12
      days before. I assumed the infection and the anti-biotic was making
      him tired. Apparently, upper resp. infections are fairly common
      just before the onset of the stroke with Moyamoya. Makes sense: low
      blood flow, less ability to get healing fluids in, wash bacteria
      away. The day before the stroke, he had a tummy-virus with nausea.
      Not that we haven't had struggles, but Kyle is really doing quite
      well. He's just graduated from Elem. and has maintained A-B avg
      each school year. With a late July birthday, he is young for his
      grade - had I not been told by several "experts" that "He'll be just
      fine!", I would've held him back a grade in the beginning. He's
      been in Resource (special ed services) for reading/writing since
      first grade. This year he only went to Resource for writing and
      will continue that in 6th gr. He receives about 1/2 hr of OT
      services at school as well - is learning to type one-handed. Out of
      frustration with school work, last summer we had him evaluated at Tx
      Childrens' Blue Bird Circle Clinic by a Neuropyschologist and she
      determined he had difficulty with distractability and impulse
      control (basically Attention Deficit Disorder w/o Hyperactivity)
      His school work improved greatly after starting him on Strattera
      (not a stimulant) in Jan. I think ADD is not uncommon after brain
      injury so watch for the signs in your children - the earlier it is
      diagnosed and treated, the better for the child. A couple of good
      websites to get info on this is Amenclinic.com and add.org. Kyle
      had many of the symptoms of ADD, but the school never suggested it
      and just treated his disability due to the stroke. His self-esteem
      sufferd greatly before the diagnosis and drug therapy.
      I wish you God's blessings of peace and wisdom as you help your
      daughter grow. If I can answer any questions for you, you have
      my "e"dress!

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