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457Re: [Parenting Children with Moyamoya] hi~my daughter was just diagnosed with...

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  • RGrace5@aol.com
    May 10, 2004
      Hillary, I'm so glad all went well. We kept Kathleen out of school too while
      we waited for surgery.We had become obsessed with keeping her helathy.Not to
      mention keeping an eye on her too.Just before she was diagnosed she ahd had a
      sinus infection. One day at preschool the teacher said wow Kathleen must have
      been tired she put her head down on the carpet at circle time and didn't come
      back up they thought she fell asleep I really think this was the beginning of
      ehr strokes.I was so angry at myself for not being with her.What grade is
      your daughter in? have they offered you andy tutering at home?
      I know how you feel the waiting and watching was almost unbearable at
      times.We just wanted the surgery to be over with.Kathleen actually had a stroke on
      the way to Boston for surgery.I was so scared that they would have to
      postpone ehr surgery and we would have to take her home and wait.It is wonderful that
      you have so much support to be with you.That is so hlepful.My sisters came to
      Boston with us for ehr surgeries.I can't imagine being alone waiting for the
      surgery to end.Please if you need to tlak to someone feel free to give me a
      call.Welive in NY.I know how helpful it can be to tlak about it.Especially now
      when it's all you can think about. Please know you are in our prayers.
      Mary Grace 518-477-2282

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