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36Re: Surgery in Boston?

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  • chbrigger
    Dec 1, 2001
      Sue, My son and daughter have both had pial
      synangiosis at Children's in Boston and are doing very well,
      they both have Moyamoya. We were very pleased with the
      results, Erik has just had his one year angiogram this
      last October and everything looks wonderful. Katie
      will be 2 years post surgery at the end of December
      and is doing excellent as well, she suffered two
      major strokes before surgery, but none after. She is
      recovering very well. Dr Scott is our hero. He is wonderful
      to work with and easy to talk to. We have recently
      moved to the D.C. area and Dr. Scott recommended Dr.
      Cogen if we ever needed anything. We have our first
      visit with Dr. McClintock, neurologist,this week, just
      a check up. If you would like to contact me with
      questions my email is chbrigger@.... We have been
      through this difficult process twice. If you need any
      advice on the stay in Boston let me know as well.
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