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23My son has moyamoya too!

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  • barbisaak
    Nov 3, 2001
      My son is 10 yrs. old and was diagnosed with
      moyamoya when he was 3. He had a massive stroke, which led
      to 2 brain surgeries at Mayo in Mn. He than
      continued to have more strokes and more trouble which led
      to even more surgery, this time in Stanford, CA. He
      has been doctoring with Dr. Steinberg and we are due
      to go back again with more trouble this time it is
      CSF leak, trouble with his blood pressure, bad
      headaches, and being really dizzy. They want us out there
      ASAP, but I am unable to till Dec. or early Jan. There
      is absolutely NO help in ND with this and the
      doctors here are afraid to do anything for my son. Sure
      would like someone to chat with sometime or e-mail. My
      e-mail is: barbisaak@...
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