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    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 30, 2004
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      Pensioner refuses PIN - and is told to bank elsewhere
      A LINTON man who has held a bank account with the HSBC since his first
      birthday has been told that he should take his business elsewhere.

      Philip Rawson, 69, has been told that because he does not want to use cards
      with a personal identification number (PIN), the HBSC will no longer be able
      to offer accounts to him.

      Mr Rawson and his family have been connected to the bank, formerly The
      Midland, for generations.

      Both his mother and father worked for the bank and his grandfather was a
      manager of the Rotherham branch. He even received commemorative coins for
      holding a bank account with the company for 60 years.

      Mr Rawson said he was completely flummoxed by the decision taken by the
      bank. He added that all he wanted to do was to return to using a chequebook
      with a cheque guarantee card,which is why he returned his PINs to the bank.

      Caroline Mooney, spokesman for HSBC, told the Herald: "The introduction of
      the Chip & PIN is very much to protect the client (and the bank) from
      fraudulent activity.

      "Our policy is to encourage the customer to take advantage of this security
      initiative, but in circumstances where they cannot - if, for example, a
      customer is visually impaired and unable to key in a PIN when paying at
      retailers' premises - we will be happy to discuss their requirements with
      them including appropriate alternatives which may be available.

      "More importantly the cards we issue on our accounts are multi-functional -
      they are cheque guarantee, ATM and debit cards.

      "If a customer wants to only use the card to guarantee cheques then, of
      course, we are happy for them to do so."

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