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Raaghavasingamo - Kavitaarkika Singamo

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  • Balaji CG
    Swamy Deshikan Thiruvadigale Sharanam !!! Swamy Deshika in his masterpiece Raghuveeragadyam (a.k.a Mahaveeravaibhavam), uses the word Raaghavasimha when
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      Swamy Deshikan Thiruvadigale Sharanam !!!

      Swamy Deshika in his masterpiece Raghuveeragadyam (a.k.a
      Mahaveeravaibhavam), uses the word "Raaghavasimha" when addressing Sri Rama.
      This popular sobriquet suits the crown prince quite well. This Lord was
      perhaps the only Singam that Threthayugam saw. But when it comes to
      Kaliyugam, the thunderous roar of another Lion often reverberates under the
      skies of Vedantha. This Lion is none other than our very own
      Kavitaarkikasingam (Swamy Deshika) which has the capacity to outbeat
      anything and everything under the sky. After the advent of this Lion, the
      sobriquet "Raaghavasimha" is perhaps a fading shade of yester epochs.

      Now comes the question. How could a monacrch like Sri Rama, with such vivid
      and vibrant looks be compared to a preceptor of the monastic order like
      Swamy Deshika? Our Achaarya Swamy Deshika is no way less comparable to Sri
      Rama. He may in fact be compared with every embellishment befitting Sri

      Sri Rama is Chakravarththi Thirumagan, the crown prince of the Kingdom of
      Ayodhya. He is the royal heir to the throne. He dwells in the luxurious
      palace of the kingdom of Ayodhya that is comparable to Sri Vaikuntam.

      Our Swamy Deshika, is the jnaana putra of Sri Ramanuja who is the King of
      ascetics. He seats himself on the throne of moksha samrajyam in the kingdom
      of Ramanuja Siddhantham. He dwells in many of the palaces built on holy
      lands sung by the mystics or Azhwars (divya-deshams). To be heir to the
      throne is indeed a reserved right for one who is in the familial lineage. To
      have inherited one throne is in itself a big wonder. But, Deshika, with no
      effort on his part was chosen as the simhasanadhipati of not one but two
      thrones (Ubhaya Simhasanadhipati).

      When we speak about Sri Rama, the sovereign, one gets a mental picture of
      Him decked with the choicest of jewels, adorning velvet attire with a crown
      and armour.

      Our Swamy Deshika is also a sovereign. He is the sovereign amongst acharyas.
      He is decked with the jewels of jnaanam and vairaagyam. Detachment and
      austerity are his strengths while purity of mind and deed are his robes.
      Humility is his armour, his disciple-fold remain at his feet like his
      sandals. The knowledge of the supreme are his senses and constant meditation
      on Paraman his fervent thought.

      Speaking of Sri Rama, one would also get the picture of Srirama holding a
      bow with a quiver full of arrows strung to his back and striding on a golden

      Our Acharya holds weapons but those are nothing but the tatvams that he
      would impart to his disciples. His bow is nothing but his scholarship and on
      this, he sets the works of Ramanuja and other poorvacharyas as arrows. He
      strides along the path leading to beatitude with the poorvacharyas as his
      horses, Ramanuja as his charioteer and with the Vedas and Prabandhams as the
      wheels of this chariot. Deshika's charioteer who was Ramanuja, not only
      drove his ratham but also his manoratham. The benevolence of Sri Ranganatha
      Paduka is nothing but the roof of this chariot with sanctity and
      spirituality wavering on top of this as his victory flag. His ultimate
      proclamation is Prapatti, which is the ultimate means to attain deliverance.

      Lord Sri Rama had the most handsome stature or thirumeni azhagu.

      Deshika too, was one of the most charming in looks. Swamy
      Nayanaracharya says in his Deshika vigraha dhyanam - "His colour is like the
      shining Sun, His feet are like freshly bloomed Lotus, His strong ankles,
      knees, thighs, white cloth around the waits, the navel, strong broad chest,
      neck, the two long hands, beautiful soft cheeks, nose, the beautiful lotus
      bead garland and thuLasi garland around the neck- Oh mind! Think of AchArya
      saarvabhouman always in this charming form. (This slokam describes the
      beauty from the lotus feet to Head)"

      Lord Sri Rama was apunyajana baadhaka. Though He was the noblest
      among men during his avataaram, yet, he inflicted pain on others who were
      unjust and wicked (Vaali, Raavana et al).
      Our Swamy even out of his own accord cannot inflict pain on others.

      Lord Sri Rama has in his servitude bhagavathas like Lakshmana.

      The greatness of Sri Rama increased manifold due to the greatness of
      Lakshmana. Sri Rama had Lakshmana as his shesha (servient) while our Deshika
      had Lakshmana as his sheshi (master). Ramanuja who is none other than the
      incarnate of Lakshmana was the sarva-sheshi of Swamy Deshika.

      Lord Sri Rama is 'nirupAdhika swAmy' to one and all. He the Supreme Master
      with no limiting adjuncts or binding reasons.

      Deshika is indeed the 'nirupAdhika AchArya' with no binding reasons or
      limiting adjuncts. He is the Supreme Universal Preceptor to one and all as
      he showed to the world, with his profound knowledge, the Lord Himself, who
      lay embedded in the terse passages of the shruti. Deshika is indeed the
      light with which one can really see the Supreme Lord.

      Lord Sri Rama is 'prapanna jana samrakshaka'. He uplifted and protected
      those who surrendeed at his feet.
      Deshika is also 'prapanna jana samrakshaka'. He performed 'AtmoddhAram' of
      those who sought refuge at his Lotus feet and effected their spiritual
      upliftment. He protected them from the vicious influences of internal
      enemies (shAdguNyam), ajnaanam and viparIta jnAnam by imparting to them the
      esoterical purports of Ramanuja siddhAntham.

      One twang of the bow-string of Sri Rama would send waves of terror amongst
      his enemies. Arrows set from the bow of Sri Rama were amogham. They knew not
      to return.

      One 'hUmkAraM' of our Acharya Swamy Deshika that is in the form of Ghanta
      ghosham is sufficient to drive the para-mathavAdins to the end of their
      wits. His words that were like arrows, struck terror in the hearts of
      para-matha-vAdins and slayed the ajnAnam in them making them adopt the path
      of parama-vaidika-srI-sampradAyam. His garjanam would also drive away all
      the internal enemies like kAma, krOdha, lObha, mOha, mada, mAtsarya

      Lord Sri Rama had great disciples and brothers like Sri BharatAzhwan, who
      considered the thiruvadi nilai or Padukais of Sri Rama as his greatest
      asset. Lord Rama had in his servitude, noblest among bhagavathas like
      Hanumar, Guhan, Vibhishanan, JAmbavan et al.

      Our Deshika sung a thousand verses on these Padukais of Sri Rama, by virtue
      of which the greatness of Sri Rama and his Padukais increased several-fold.
      Deshika had disciples who considered the vicinity of his padukas to be many
      more times superior to Paramapadam. Deshikan also had in his servitude the
      noblest among bhagavathas which included ascetics and imperials.

      When Sri RamappirAn was deeply immersed in sorrow, he sent a word to his
      never to be separated divine consort, Sri Sita, a word of abhayam and
      assurance through Deshika's work Hamsa-sandesham.

      Lord Sri Rama protected the yajnas of Rishis by slaying demons like thATaki
      and others. Lord Sri Rama conferred upon Vibheeshana, the wealth of his
      fore-fathers which was the Sri Ranga VimAnam. This was consecrated at

      Our Lord, Deshika protected this Lord Sri Ranganatha from the onslaughts of
      Advaitins by means of his masterly works like ShatadUshaNi,
      tattvamuktAkalApam and others. He, by means of his scholarly elucidations
      defended the divya prabandham recitation at Thiruvarangam and arranged for
      the nityaradhanam of Sri Ranganatha to be conducted free of impediments.

      Swamy Deshikan in his Paduka Sahasram - Shesha paddhati says -
      "dasharathatanayassan ranganAthastvamEva" - intending to say that the son of
      Dasharatha is none other than Sri Ranganatha. By having arranged for the
      regular performance of ThiruvArAdhanam to Thiruvaranga, Deshika has infact
      made sure that the daily thiruvArAdhanams to Lord Sri Rama are conducted as
      per the shastras and AgamAs.

      With all these qualities befitting a monarch, is our Achaarya Sri Swamy
      Deshika KavitArkika Singam any less than a sovereign chakravarti like Sri
      Rama? We in fact see him one pedastal above Lord Sri Rama Himself.

      vAzhi vyAkhyAmuddirak kai !!!
      vedAnthasUri charaNau sharaNam prapadye !!!
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